Every nation is different in its own unique ways. Lee Trepanier is editor-in-Chief of VoegelinView and Professor of Political Science at Samford University; Khalil Habib is an Associate Editor of VoegelinView and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Salve Regina University. According to Douglas Kellner in “Theorizing Globalization”, there are positive and negative aspects to globalization as he states “postindustrial society is sometimes referred to as the “knowledge society” or “information society”, in which knowledge and information are give more predominant roles than in earlier days” (Kellner, pg. Domination of one group over the other only occurs when one does not consider the other part of them self. Cosmopolitanism represents a complex, multilevel, multilayer phenomenon manifested in a variety of social spheres, including moral, political, social, and cultural. Press, 1991), 107–8. Finally, this volume seeks to reacquaint contemporary debates on cosmopolitanism with the vast, but often neglected, primary sources found in the history of political, religious, and moral philosophy. Moral cosmopolitanism focuses on global principles of distributive justice and duties across boundaries, independently of the political structure that governs relations beyond states at that present moment or which type of political arrangements are seen as most attractive by the theorist in question. Also see “Cosmopolitanism: Citizens Without States“; “Aquinas’s Mediated Cosmopolitanism and the Impasse of Ancient Political Philosophy”; “Ibn Tufayl’s Critique of Cosmopolitanism in Hayy Ibn Yaqzan“; “Kant’s Teaching of Historical Progress and Its Cosmopolitan Goal“; “The Limits of Modern Cosmopolitanism“; “An Introduction to Martin Heidegger“; “The Postmodern Condition of Cosmopolitanism.”. The counter-argument of globalization causing cultural homogenization is addressed by Amartya Sen as she responds to critics such as Sissela Bok. Part 3 examines cosmopolitanism in the regime of the United States. John Rex (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1974), 194–246. GLOBALIZATION, COSMOPOLITANISM, AND THE NEW GENERATIONS: GROWING UP WITH GLOBAL TIES by Mehdi Nejatbakhsh The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2014 Under the Supervision of Professor Joseph Rodriguez There is a notion that the rapid globalization of the recent decades results in more Democratic Politics in the New World Order (Cambridge: Polity, 1997); B. Yack, “Popular Sovereignty and Nationalism,” Political Theory 29, no. This new and unique volume aims to provide a thorough and in-depth understanding of cosmopolitanism by bringing together the work of political scientists, philosophers, historians, and economists. (2002): 17–45; Beck, “Towards a New Critical Theory; Beck, Cosmopolitan Vision. [17] There are also critics of cosmopolitanism that focus on the United States’ dominance of the global system and view the imposition of any Western values as a violation of non-Western cultures. For thousands of years people across the globe have been doing business, similar to Central Asia’s Silk Road, which connected Europe and China. Press, 2001); Chris Brown, “Kantian Cosmopolitan Law and the Idea of a Cosmopolitan Constitution,” History of Political Thought 27, no. James Bohrman and Matthias Lutz-Bachmann (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1997), 25–58; also refer to Martha Nussbaum, “Kant and Stoic Cosmopolitanism,” Journal of Political Philosophy 1 (1991): 1–25. The result is a volume of unparalleled scope and depth that includes the expertise of many specialists from a range of disciplines examining a variety of perspectives on cosmopolitanism, from its ancient beginnings to its contemporary conceptions. Press, 2003); Daniele Archibugi, Cosmopolitics (London: Verso, 2004). 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In the 1970s Aaron wrote that the technological fusion of the world would be the infrastructure upon which humans could achieve a global unity in which “the dialectic of universality” would be “the mainspring of the march of history.”[8] More recently, Ulrich Beck wrote of “the cosmopolitanism of reality” that currently exists because humanity faces global risks that threaten its survival.[9]. The second challenge of globalization shows how essential cosmopolitanism is. This means that human beings should have the moral obligation of considering themselves a world citizen and give up parochial prejudices and customs. Press, 2009); Robert J. Holton, Cosmopolitanisms: New Thinking and New Directions (Gordonsville, VA: Palgrave, 2009); Stan van Hooft, Cosmopolitanism: A Philosophy for Global Ethics (Montreal: McGill-Queens Univ. For clarification purposes, Nussbaum manages to straighten out the misconceptions by explaining that human beings did not chose those factors, it was merely an accident. As we hope to demonstrate, cosmopolitan studies are characterized by disparate and often ignored theoretical sources. The foremost guiding idea of ethical cosmopolitanism maintains that all humans must be considered to be equal. 4). (2017, Mar 01). Press, 2006); Jurgen Habermas, The Divided West (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2006); Kwame Anthony Appiah, Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers (New York: Norton, 2007); Costas Douzinas, Human Rights and Empire: The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism (New York: Routledge, 2007); Robert Fine, Cosmopolitanism (Oxford: Taylor and Francis, 2007); Mica Nava, Visceral Cosmopolitanism: Gender, Culture, and the Normalisation of Difference (Gordonsville, VA: Berg, 2007); James D. Ingram, “What Is a ‘Right to Have Rights’? Nisbet (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. 2008 Jun;59(2):207-26. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-4446.2008.00190.x. Cosmopolitanism is often discussed in a critical and disapproving manner: as a concept complicit with the interests of the powerful, or as a notion related to Western political supremacy, the ills of globalization, inequality, and capitalist economic penetration. This cosmopolitan vision—a universal and peaceful state that permits local attachments and tolerates minority rights—has dominated the discussion of global events and the conceptualization of ideas like democracy and citizenship. It spells out the global displacement of people … 1 Cosmopolitanism or Globalization: The Anthropocene Turn Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to advance the debate on “cosmopolitanism or globalization” by (a) approaching this rich literature from cultural, ethical and governance angles, and (b) by introducing key notions from the work that has … Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, Globalization: Challenges and Opportunities, https://graduateway.com/globalization-and-cosmopolitanism/, Get your custom
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