Dual Clutch Transmisison Fluid Part number XT-11-QDC (Quarts), Ford Specification WSS-M2C200-D2 ULV MERCON® ULV Part number XT-12-QULV (Quarts) GT Motorcraft® Ford GT Supercar Transaxle … Please contact Customer Care for any warranty questions. | #1038107, 0 star rated product Sitemap PI SHEET Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart by Motorcraft®. Suppliers Rapid Growth For DCT Fluid Within the next 5 years, the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) will become the largest part of the transmission service-fill market in Europe due to several market drivers, including: The claim is made that use of the brand will "void the warranty," with the statement or implication that only the original equipment brand of filters may be used. Valvoline™ Dual Clutch is a full synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of dual clutch automatic transmissions. A "Core Charge" is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda. Error occured! With the large number of do-it-yourselfers who prefer to install their own filters, this misleading claim should be corrected. It was designed as dual functioning fluid to protect gear, synchronizers and bearings, while also used to operate the transmission's … The engine … Terms and length vary by product. Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid is specifically formulated for use in the DPS6 Power Shift twin dry-clutch transmission. Please reload the page and try again. The dual clutch transmission (DCT), also referred to as a double- or twin-clutch transmission, combines the best of both manual and automatic transmissions into a hybrid that requires no input from the driver to shift gears, provides smooth and fast shifting, and operates more efficiently than either a manual or an automatic transmission… Your friends get $30 off their order immediately. | Valvoline™ Dual Clutch is a full synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of dual clutch automatic transmissions. & Dual Clutch Fluid The Beck/Arnley Auto Transmission Fluids (ATF) are a superior formulation of high-performance base oils and carefully selected additives. | Regular automatics rely on a middleman – known as the torque converter – to get engine power to the wheels. | That claim is simply not true. Please see below for the full text of our warranty policies. Our cars are just like us—they have to be checked on regularly to stay healthy. (0 reviews) This, of course, tends to cast doubt on the quality of the replacement filter. For all other products, please contact Customer Care. Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid for AT Use only in DPS6 PowerShift twin dry-clutch transmissions Specific Gravity: 0.852 g/m³ @20°C Flash Point: 226 °C COC Viscosity: 32 cSt … Excluded from discounts, except SpeedPerk rewards, Drive Axles, Drive Shafts and Wheel Bearings, Category Facet Filter Expand Collapse Icon, Valvoline Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid, Quart, FFL2 Double Clutch Transmission Fluid formulated for AVW DSG trans, AT6 Synthetic Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid - 1 Quart Bottle, ATF 1 Automatic Transmission Fluid (5 Liters), NiCopp Brake Line Coil and Fitting Assortment Kit, 3/16" x 25', PermaPoxy 4-Minute Multi-Metal Epoxy (.84 oz), pennzoil 10w 40 conventional motor oil 1 quart 550022809, The part you are purchasing contains a component that is recyclable, The Core Charge deposit is charged at the time of purchase, When the recyclable component from your old part is returned to us, the charge is refunded to you, Bring the part to any Advance Auto Parts store along with your receipt or packing slip, Mail the part back to Advance Auto Parts following the directions including on your packing slip. their first purchase. | Terms of Use SDS. VIP and Elite members - Refer your friends to Speed Perks and get 1000 points after It should be noted that the Magnuson - Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that applies to consumer products. Show only “exact fit” parts, which are specifically designed to fit your vehicle. Quantity: 1 Bottle. | #1080107, 0 star rated product | In many states, to promote recycling, you are charged a deposit when you purchase a can of soda and you receive your deposit back when you return the empty can. If the consumer asks for the statement in writing, he will not receive it. SS 2301-2312 (1982) and general principles of the Federal Trade Commission Act, a manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of filter (or any other article) unless the manufacturer provides the item free of charge under the terms of the warranty. Suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles fitted with DCT gearboxes featuring Double-Dry Clutch Transmission and Double-Wet Clutch Transmission design. 0 star rated product (0 reviews) | #FTJS-04606. (0 reviews) A dual-clutch transmission (DCT, sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch transmission, or double-clutch transmission) uses two separate clutches for odd and even gear sets. These are more general products that can fit a wide variety of vehicle makes and models, but may not fit your specific vehicle. AMALIE Universal Synthetic Dual Clutch (DCT) Transmission Fluid may also be used in many standard planetary gear transmissions … But, a dual-clutch transmission is more like a manual … 30 DAY REPLACEMENT IF DEFECTIVE Excluded from discounts, except … One clutch … So, if the consumer is told that only the original equipment filter will not void the warranty, he should request that the OE filter be supplied free of charge. Ford Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid XT11QDC is guaranteed by Ford to provide your vehicle with optimal quality and performance: For use only in transmissions requiring WSS-M2C200-D2 specifications Specially formulated for use in the DPS6 Powershift twin dry-clutch transmission … Privacy Notice It uses the lubricating fluid to reduce the friction and also to … | Audi's dual-clutch transmission has both a small coil spring and a large diaphragm spring in its wet multi-plate clutches. Motul Multi Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid 33.81 Ounces. Designed using … Consumer purchasers of automotive filters are sometimes told by an automobile dealer-s service writer or mechanic that a brand of replacement filter cannot be used in the consumer-s vehicle during the warranty period. | But mechanically, it's quite a different beast. Valvoline DCT Fluid is a full synthetic transmission fluid for use in Dual Clutch Transmissions including Direct Shift Gearboxes and Audi S-Tronic. Please contact Customer Care if you have any questions or corrections. What good is history, if you never change. A specially formulated fluid is required to maintain the high-performance output of these advanced transmissions. Many drivers treat their car’s dual-clutch transmission in the same way that they would drive a car that had an automatic transmission. Terms of Use Our Dual Clutch Fluid is designed for the demanding anti-wear and friction behavior requirements of Audi and Volkswagen’s DSG transmissions. If you are experiencing problems with an engine or transmission you purchased from Advance Auto Parts, please call (888) 286-6772, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm Eastern Time. A wet DCT fluid must provide wear and synchronizer friction performance similar to a manual transmission fluid… Privacy Notice | AMSOIL 100% Synthetic DCT Fluid is designed to protect high-tech dual-clutch transmissions … Global Standards of Business Conduct Browse performance parts and helpful articles. This product is made of high-quality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements. Check individual product pages for the warranty length applicable to each product. The design is often similar to two separate manual transmissions … Unlike in automatic transmission, in a DCT the clutches operate independently. Core Charges are often mandated by state legislature, and, as such, the actual core charge and taxes on the charge may vary depending on the state in which you buy your part. Amazon's Choice for dual clutch transmission fluid Triax TRANSYN DSG/DCT Dual Clutch Full Synthetic ATF - Lifetime Fill - for All Dual Clutch Transmissions - High Performance Speed Shift with SureShift No … It delivers maximum protection over wide operating temperatures and service conditions.
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