The operators of this machine feed the bricks into the machine via gravity, there are no moving parts, and the path is laid as the machine moves, it's amazing! Through planning and documenting the steps. Some of the more common names are safety toolbox talks, toolbox talks, safety moments, safety briefings, safety pep talks, and tailgate meetings. Separate Talks by Category:     BEHAVIORAL    |     CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY    |     GENERAL INDUSTRY    |    AT HOME    |    MOTOR VEHICLE    |     TOP PICKS      |     CULTURE BITS     |     MEMBER TALKS. How to Think Outside the Box. I know Safety loves simplicity and […] Seeking Reliability is not, per se, to blame for preempting the accumulation of some Resilience reserve in a plan or work group. It is more than using existing approaches and inserting positive language. Print them off to use for your next safety meeting or moment with your crew. But to me it is fairly simple. Browse the 250 completely free safety talks below! The Safety In A Box ® starter kit comes complete with the field ready forms, cards, logbooks and user guide required to follow the OHS Legislation. Today on Safety FM Mini, we talk about the holiday season and the importance of mental health during this time. While not a Superfund site the studio was filled with paintings in stacks on most surfaces, flowers in vases, tools of the trade and of course the artist caught in a variety of working and contemplative poses. Interestingly I usually have multiple tabs open in my browser, many big Adobe files one click away, and when I save something to the hard drive file structure (an almost entirely ad hoc mess of course) I can have real withdrawal feelings about “putting something away” where I’ll never find it again. Safety talks are no different. As an expert I guess that there are expectations that you know what the right solution is. There are many things you can do to hold a better meeting. Find a Safety Consultant; Free Safety Program Documents; Psychology Of Safety; Safety Ideas That Work; HEALTH and SAFETY MANUALS; FREE SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT RESOURCES; Whats New In Safety; FUN SAFETY STUFF; Health and Safety Training; SAFETY COURSES; Safety Training Needs Analysis and Matrix; Top 20 Safety … Be detailed about what topics were discussed. OK, team, we need some real out-of-the-box ideas if we want this project to succeed. Today on The Jay Allen Show we speak with Kevin Waldal. Top 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Safety (you will probably not find many of these in text books or regulations) The most common feedback I get on this blog is something like: “all this theory is great but what can I do to apply it”. You can also use the search function at the top of the page to quickly find a specific topic. Please reach out to me at if you have any questions on any of … Conducting the talk in the work area itself can help employees visualize the information being conveyed as well as allow the presenter to point out specific examples of what they are discussing. Among these resources are tips and recommendation for connecting with community partners. The latest PreAccident Podcasts, by Todd Conklin. Ideas for and from workers at the margins Listening to workers is … And without this there is no adaptation (unless people are willing to work outside of the system). Through planning and documenting the steps. The most common way to track safety meetings is through a simple sign-in sheet. The talks can cover a range of topics or just a single focal point. They have a page called Safety and Health Topics that has a large list of high quality topics. Some companies do multiple talks daily and other companies may only do them monthly. Meaning there is nothing to show OSHA or someone in your company in response to whether or not you were educating your employees on the hazards involved in their work. Reliability imperatives drive us toward using the “expert” and deferring to the respective functional stovepipes when progressing a work package through the development and concurrence processes. Any of these ideas can be paired with other ideas to make an effective presentation. An effective Toolbox Talk involves a short 5-10 minute daily safety discussion conducted on a jobsite prior to a work shift. Toolbox Talks, also known as Pre-Start or Take 5 Safety Talks are a simple but effective way to get your team communicating about workplace hazards before commencing work. Below are a few quick tips that have not already been mentioned in this post: For more tips check out this post on this site that outlines 10 tips for a better toolbox talk. What is the Mandela Effect? Make an effort to push your thinking up to and beyond its limit every now and again – the talents you develop may come in handy the next time you face a situation that “everybody knows” how to solve. A monthly schedule is probably way too sparingly for most companies, and two talks a day may be too often for others. In some cases it will be solutions that we have yet to think of. I suspect that the sorts of systems that we need look vastly different to typical safety management systems. If its purpose was to enable people to adapt to the constantly changing work demands then who knows what the system may look like. Best Safety Podcast, Safety Program, Safety Storytelling, Investigations, Human Performance, Safety Differently, Operational Excellence, Resilience Engineering, Safety and Resilience Incentives... Give this a listen. But I strongly feel is that the systems of the future need to enable creativity within our workforce and without creative thinking we will never get there. A lot of value can be added in a short amount of time if the talks are completed often. One specific example of this is found in the construction standard under 1926.21(b)(2) where OSHA states: “The employer shall instruct each employee in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to his work environment to control or eliminate any hazards or other exposure to illness or injury”. Many of the workplace safety talks posted here on the site also apply to being safe at home. In fact, the approach to a safety topic is often the crux of whether it is perceived as … If you are looking for talks in Spanish or would like even more workplace Innovative ideas are the fuel of every successful company and a very important source of these innovative ideas is employees because they are on the front lines, directly interacting with both the products and the customers on a daily basis. In my experience most ineffective planning or inflexible response to off-normal conditions showed evidence in the after-review of too little breadth of perspectives brought to bear in the moments of high leverage toward success or failure. Attached any materials used for the talk to the sign-in sheet. What are common injuries in this line of work? Get Caught Trying to Make the World Better! By making this one of your safety topic ideas, you can ensure that your workers understand how the clothing they wear to work can impact their safety, and discuss any … In fact, I think that we need to smash the mould and each of us start again. These programs are fun and efficient ways to train employees regarding safety at work. Interesting safety topics can simply be interesting because they are relevant; they can be interesting because they are new; and they can be interesting because the person discussing the safety topic covers it in a way which is interesting. Here are 11 ways to beef up your out-of-the-box thinking skills. That is my approach. On average, they are in the range of 5 or 10 minutes long in duration at most companies when conducted often. The idea that safety can be brought about through defining the right way to complete a job. How many safety experts or safety professionals are prepared to say ‘I don’t know what the solutions is’? Browse the talks below for topics that are useful for employees both on and off of the job. The topic or topics you should cover for next safety toolbox talk will vary greatly from what topic(s) another company should be discussing. Only take the time necessary to cover the topic; do not drag it out. Safety management systems, procedures, risk assessments and incident investigations. My philosophy and business model is pretty simple – why waste money on third-party themes and add-ons, when you can build attractive, functional and sexy sites with the functionality you already got and pay for as part of Office 365 subscription. Ones which are seemingly incapable of innovating in the face of a less than familiar planning or the periodic unanticipated upset circumstance? Copyright © 2020 Innovative Safety Products LLC. Without documenting these efforts, there is no actual proof they were done. This is great for reliable conduct of the familiar and very predictably perilous in circumstances where a call for Resilience might be warranted. It was an article by Dan Scotti and was about the psychology behind messy rooms. The discussion seems to fit well with Erik Hollnagel’s “Safety II” concept…. PAPod 315 - Deirdre Lewis Talks About Learning From Uncertainty. While OSHA does not specifically require a company to hold safety talks or toolbox talks in any of their standards, doing so can play a part in helping to ensure compliance with some standards. There has always been this sort of “urban legend” that has floated around modern society deeming people with messy desks as having a high affinity for creative reasoning. And I believe that it is this messiness that results in my being a creative person. When employees take their frustrations out on another team member in the form of harassment, threats, or physical violence, ... can put employees at risk. But I am also an inherently messy thinker. These talks need to have the correct documentation to do so. The problem with this is that someone has already decided that the solution is already the right one. While training will be a large part in ensuring compliance with this specific regulation, these type of talks are also a way to help to ensure compliance. I understand that many people look to theories, concepts and approaches in order to help them apply their profession. Or maybe that is what safety professionals should be. It was with interest and amusement that I read John Green’s post Paper Tigers. The idea that safety can be brought about through defining the right way to complete a job. The time spent conducting these talks also goes a long way into reinforcing prior training efforts. That being said, there are also a number of great resources online to find topics for your next safety meeting. My office with its books and papers in stacks all around is suggestive of how “requisite diversity” might apply to knowledge work. Because if we did say that, then why do you need safety professionals? 9. We might make you think about some things differently. Enjoy this episode today of Safety FM Mini, featuring Olivia Allen. It is not that our basic processes for assurance of adequate protection need to be scrapped or massively rethought. For example, OSHA requires that employers make employees aware of the hazards of the work that they do and how to eliminate them. I echo John’s sentiment that it is not about simplification of systems but rather it’s about changing their purpose. After you review the 100 workplace safety tips listed here, you can also print out a free worksheet as a handout for employees. The responsibility at many companies, however, falls onto the safety officer or EHS manager instead. I've been trying to think out of the box for my term paper topic because I know the professor hates unoriginal ideas. Increasing safety awareness is extremely important regardless of your industry. Companies who spend the time to conduct these meetings are less likely to have injuries compared to a company who does not hold them on a regular basis. Companies often find that conducting daily or weekly safety talks is the best choice. During this episode of Safety FM Mini, our host is nowhere to be found, so Olivia Allen steps in and takes the lead on this special episode discussing why it's important to be kind during Covid 19. All safety training efforts should be thoroughly documented. At many companies, daily safety meetings prior to work beginning is appropriate. Traditionally safety has tended towards organisation. This could be a procedure, new initiative, process, control etc. Toolbox Talks are popular in the constr… The EHS department should instead serve more of an advisory role to the supervisor conducting the talk. One of them is read by a […], In this episode we discuss the Mt Erebus disaster. This is why a workplace suggestion box is so important. Go with what is the appropriate solution at that point in time to support people in being successful. As Dan points out ‘There has always been this sort of “urban legend” that has floated around modern society deeming people with messy desks as having a high affinity for creative reasoning.‘  I was attracted to this article for a number of reasons.… Day 5 Launch your suggestion box. On The Innovation Fund page we provide a list of example ideas that might surface from this call for worker health and safety. I don’t have the answers of what a progressive safety management system looks like (although I do have some ideas). Conducting meetings often is an effective way to deliver relevant and timely safety messages to an entire work crew. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts on diversity. Safety talks are a short safety message for the members of a work crew prior to work beginning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What trends are occurring in the workplace or in our industry? See you on Audible...all my books are up on there. One of our favorite resources for topics is on OSHA’s website. Why wouldn’t an organisation utilise people who are good at asking questions, listening, communicating, bringing people together, seeking out ideas? Are tunnels really that safe?Read more », After both technical and production difficulties, DisasterCast is returning on a regular schedule. Learn About the Site - Why Safety Talk Ideas Exists. Get the audience involved by asking for stories or examples. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (5 minutes X 5 work days per week X 50 work weeks= 1250 minutes… 1250 minutes/60 minutes per hour= 20.8 hours of education) Imagine the difference that education can make if you make the most out of every talk! This got me thinking about the process of generating ideas and solutions and how that fits with consultation. is not about simplification of systems but rather it’s about changing their purpose. What does out of the box expression mean? Safety Moment -Generosity is the Defense for Retrospective Bias. How many are prepared to say ‘I will facilitate the best possible outcome that I can by seeking a diverse range of perspectives’? It is more than using existing approaches and inserting positive language. AdirOffice Tall Acrylic Suggestion/Donation Box - Wall Mountable Plastic Comments/Ballot Box w/Safety Lock for Cash, Suggestions & Employee/Customer Comment Cards (Clear) 3.7 out of 5 stars 9 Adir Customizable Wood Suggestion Box - Mahogany - with a Free Pack of Refill Suggestion Box Cards How to Track Safety Talks in the Construction Industry. Use visual aids as needed to help get your message across. Free Motor Vehicle Safety Talks to Print and Use What could cause pilots to  fly a perfectly working plane intoRead more », This episode is about underwater tunnel floods, or, more precisely, the lack of such accidents. Workers need to be trained to recognize and avoid unsafe working conditions. out of the box phrase. I keep all those smart people close at hand to stimulate my thinking and much of my work in progress available to consult as I seek solutions to sticky governance situations. The brainstorming stage isn't about what is or isn't feasible. And yet, although we’re often told we should think outside the box, we’re rarely told how. So, I hear you ask, what has this got to do with safety? The idea that even if something goes wrong that an incident investigation will identify how to prevent it from happening again. Because if the purpose of a system was to help people to deal with the messiness that is everyday working life then it would be a very different looking system. They can provide the supervisor with topics, materials, or information for the talk as well as chime in as needed to add value. At a local museum recently there was an exhibition consisting of a series of photographs by a well known photographer of the painter Picasso taken in his studio – a spacious, high-ceiling apartment with big windows and lots of light. P.S. THE LATEST SAFETYFM PODCASTS, BY JAY ALLEN, Mini - Not a great time for all during the holiday, Mini - Why We Need Kindness During Covid 19. Just go for it. Below are answers to some other common questions individuals may have about conducting these type of talks for their work crews. You probably know me by now, I am strictly an out of the box kind of guy. What we know from complexity studies is that development of fresh thinking about challenging situations depends upon a wide range of diverse perspectives. 10. These talks should be held in a place where employees are comfortable and can focus. At 6'1" 221 … Our posts, delivered right to your inbox. So they’re a good way to get more familiar with OSHA’s definitions. These talks can be as short as a few minutes or longer than 20 minutes. Many businesses and organizations champion safety so include them in your outreach efforts. While they often last longer than 60 seconds, especially if people's feedback is involved, framing them as 1 minute safety talks can be a great way to shift the perception of safety training and safety culture. See more ideas about Movie night popcorn, Hand shadows, Harry potter party decorations. the lines of “conventional” reasoning. All rights reserved. Safety In A Box ® is an easy-to-follow process that makes your Safety Plan powerful, practicable and available for any size project. There are many names for safety talks. NFPA has created a list of Out of the Box ideas to help you get the word out about cooking safety. by Stephanie Dwilson Workplace Training: Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Make Workshops More Effective Workplace training is vital to helping your employees grow, become better at their jobs, improve customer service and safety, and increase revenue. The dominant box safety was once one of the most prized players in the recruiting game. Even though I believe every one of them I … Save time and money from having to create your own resources and instead use that time to continue furthering your safety program! Send out an informative e-mail (put up a flyer, make an announcement, whatever needs done to address the majority of your workers) stating that senior management has identified a particular safety problem and tomorrow a safety suggestion box will be made available to address this – and any other – problem. Also check out the full list of safety talks by clicking here! Here is more detail about those ideas and what we’d like to see in our Summer 2020 call for applications. Use some of the insight here and tailor it to your company’s needs. (By the way, this is one of 2 sets of safety-based word games we offer–the other set of safety training word games includes terms and concepts from our online safety courses, so you may want to check that one out too). In particular your comment on recognising when there is less than adequate diversity of perspective. Today on The Jay Allen Show, we discuss the Mandela Effect. Keep topics useful, relevant, and timely. So, I hear you ask, what has this got to do with safety? Find Safety Meeting Ideas. Browse the safety talks below for various topics to share with employees during your next safety meeting. The person who is directing the work should be the one responsible for conducting or leading the safety talk. Your email address will not be published. The idea that even if something goes wrong that an incident investigation will identify how to prevent it from happening again. The person was usually an ‘expert’, maybe even a ‘safety expert’. For additional safety talks browse our entire list by clicking here! The article goes on to propose that creative minds choose to think outside of the convention of the desk (or conventional storage) in the same way that they think outside the lines of “conventional” reasoning. Some general questions you can ask yourself to narrow in on some topics: There are many other questions or guidelines you can use to determine what topics or topics you should cover. Click here to view and download an example of a safety talk members have access to. Because if the purpose of a system was to help people to deal with the messiness that is everyday working life then it would be a very different looking system. Learn from the leaders behind innovative and critical safety thinking, and connect with other change makers who are making an impact and doing safety differently. This all is significant in light of the question: how did we end up with Safety Management Systems that become brittle with hard compliance structures? Even if you have a certain topic you have to cover think outside the box to refresh them. It is important that employees take safety home with them. So much certainty. “100 Tool Box Talks & Safety Meeting Topics In “English & Spanish” #Safety January 18, 2018 January 18, 2018 ~ Jack Benton The topics are intended for use of on-the-job safety training and meetings to educate employees of potential hazards and work-related injuries and illnesses. Rather I suggest, that leadership, those with the prime responsibility for Doing Work Safely, needs to hone the skill of recognizing when there is less than adequate diversity of perspective and relevant experience being brought to bear in a developing situation. I am an inherently messy person (just ask my family). Keep topics relevant and timely to the audience. 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