- Quora", "Do you want Quora to bring question details back? Wow because this is very great job! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) website, or knowledge market, from Yahoo! [19][20] Quora was one of the Summer 2014 Y Combinator companies,[21] although it was described as "the oldest Y-Combinator ever". The 2018 World Meetups occurred from June 20 to June 25. Through Quora, you can connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. [35][38] The hacked information included users' names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, data from social networks like Facebook and Twitter if people had chosen to link them to their Quora accounts, questions they had asked, and answers they had written. Wiki answers is another best question and answer websites like Quora. These changes went into effect on March 20, 2017. A good answer is helpful to anyone who wants to know the answer to the question. [62][63][64] According to Robert Scoble, Quora succeeded in combining attributes of Twitter and Facebook. Where every answer points out a different perspective. See you on the other side. The reason why I ask is really because your design and design seems different then most blogs and I’m trying to "[75], 2014–2017: Continued growth and new features, 2018–present: Further growth and data breach, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, "Joining Quora as CFO - Kelly Battles' Posts - Quora", "Yes, Quora still exists, and it's now worth $2 billion: According to some, the financing round for the question-and-answer platform speaks to the high valuation for virtually everything these days in the tech sector", "Why did Quora choose C++ over C for its high performance services? spirit. [38] Adam D'Angelo stated, "The overwhelming majority of the content accessed was already public on Quora, but the compromise of account and other private information is serious. Quora is all the buzz with the digital early-adopter crowd. To clear this better, check the screenshot to understand what is wiki answer. "[38], By May 2019, Quora was valued at $2 billion as a company and it was finalizing a $60 million investment round, which was led by Valor Equity Partners, a private equity firm with ties to Tesla, Inc. and SpaceX. It worked. A: It Was Almost Free", "Meet the oldest Y Combinator startup ever: Quora", "Quora's first acquisition is Arab Spring instigator's Q&A site Parlio", "Quora begins testing ads on 'small number' of question pages", "Launching a beta for Quora en français", "Launching betas for Quora in Italiano & Quora a... - The Quora Blog - Quora", "Launching a beta for Japanese - The Quora Blog - Quora", "Announcing Betas for Quora in Hindi, Indonesian... - The Quora Blog - Quora", Quora product updates: Upcoming changes to anonymity on Quora, "Quora makes changes to its "anonymous" feature, restricts actions and makes it untraceable", "Q&A site Quora clamps down on anonymity – will review content before publishing, restrict actions", "Q&A app Quora valued around $1.8 billion in $85 million fundraise", "Quora, the Q. and A. [29] in September 2018, Quora announced that additional versions in Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch were planned. [57] Members of the program, who are chosen by invitation only, are paid via Stripe or PayPal, based on user engagement and advertising revenue generated by the questions. Quora supports various features to moderate content posted by users. [65] Later, in 2011, Scoble criticized Quora for being a "horrid service for blogging" and, although a decent question and answer website, not substantially better than alternatives. Since then, commenting anonymously and toggling one's answer between anonymous and public is no longer possible. We have determined the 20 Most Popular Question and Answer Sites based on the of traffic each website receives. In August 2012, blogger Ivan Kirigin pointed out that acquaintances and followers could see his activity, including which questions he had looked at. Quora is very similar to WikiAnswers. Intriguing post. Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users. [5] Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers that have been submitted by other users. Site, Says Data Breach Affected 100 Million Users", "Quora Breach -- How To Find And Delete Your Account", "How online communities like Quora achieve "quality growth" through growth engine iteration", "Quora says 100 million users hit by 'malicious' data breach", "Quora is now available in 24 Languages! Find popular questions, create a Wiki Answer, plug in your brand at the right places and bias the answer in your favor ever so slightly to get through Quora’s screening process and you’re good to go. [18], Quora was evolving into "a more organized Yahoo Answers, a classier Reddit, an opinionated Wikipedia" and became popular in tech circles. P.S My apologies for getting off-topic nevertheless i After registration on Quora, you can ask your questions as well and even answer the questions. The perfect blend, I’d say and so did many digital marketers like me. Quora World Meetups are organized by a group of Quora contributors with a designated lead and as a contribution from Quora they usually send branded swag and stickers to the attendees. The question-and-answer network Quora began operating in 2010. Congrats and keep it up. [40], In June 2020, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and employee response to work-from-home during shelter-in-place, Adam D'Angelo announced that Quora would become "remote first", meaning that most employees would not have to come into the office once shelter-in-place ended.[41]. Quora launched in January 2010 with a user base largely composed of D'Angelo's and Cheever's college and high-school friends, meaning there was a lot of early Quora … [9] Until 2018, Quora did not show ads because "...ads can often be negative for user experience. Quora's mission is to share and grow the world's knowledge. Quora announces bounty system, offering financial bounties for the best answer (selected by the question asker) on select questions. [citation needed] Visitors unwilling to log in or use cookies have had to resort to workarounds to use the site. Contributors can add content such as posts, external website links, or Quora questions and answers. It is quite easy to use as well. In November 2018, Quora ended support of user blogs and introduced a new feature called "Spaces". Specifically rankings are based on the number of estimated unique visitors received . The Quora community includes various well-known people such as Jimmy Wales, Richard A. Muller, Clayton C. Anderson, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Adrián Lamo,[45][46] as well as some current and former professional athletic personalities, scientists, and other experts in their fields. The topics on Quora range from health to personal finance to everyday philosophy to anime to old movies to entrepreneurship – and the list of topics is growing larger each day. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world. It has a huge database of answers to people’s question in each category or topic. Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. The questions and answers posted on Quora can be rated negatively or positively by users. [3][35] This may have been because a large number of registered users on the site did not use it regularly and many did not even know they had accounts since they had either created them unknowingly through other social media sites linked to Quora or created them years previously and forgotten about them. "[56] The 2017 meetup had nearly 2,000 writers from over cities. There are multiple ways to ask a question on Quora: On the web: Click the "Add Question" button at the top-right of the page. In the initial years it was mostly being used by people who were familiar with the Silicon Valley scene. [48] By default, Quora exposes its users' profiles, including their real names, to search engines. It worked so well that wiki answers became the go-to platform for marketers to position their brand in front of the right audience. [56], In April 2018, Quora introduced a program that offers incentives to users that ask questions. [35][36] Quora uses popups and interstitials to force users to login or register before they can see more of the content, similar to a metered paywall. Users with a certain amount of activity on the website have the option to write their answers anonymously but not by default. Currently, Quora moderators seem rather unreasonable and the culture there has a bit to be desired. That same month, Quora was reported to have received Series D funding with a valuation of $1.8 billion. [23], In April 2016, Quora began a limited rollout of advertising on the site. was required to ask! And part of the reason why we don’t see it anymore is also us. Like all good things come to an end, I think Wiki Answers, too have reached the end of the line. Ask.com . It is an extremely useful platform for getting answers to your questions as well as brushing up your writing skills by answering questions. Quora is an online questions and answers website with a very diverse content and user base. [34], In September 2018, Quora reported that it was receiving 300 million unique visitors every month. [6], In 2020, the website was visited by 590 million unique people a month. - Quora", "Changes to further emphasize canonical questions - Quora Product Updates - Quora Product Updates", "Pro-Palestine Professor Sues Quora for Censorship After Banning", https://rimanajjar.medium.com/update-on-rima-najjar-v-quora-f4f21c69a17b, "Q&A search site Quora opens to the public", "Meet Quora's New Grown-Up: Elevation Partners' Marc Bodnick", "Quora Testing User Credits For "Ask To Answer" Questions", "Quora Gets Threaded Comments, Comment Voting, Editing And Images", "Co-Founder Charlie Cheever Leaves And Quora Is Curve Jumping", "Quora Introduces A New Top Writers Program As A Hat Tip To Its Most Valuable Contributors", "What is your favorite Quora policy or new feature? After you ask a question, you will earn money on it for 1 year. It’s easy-peasy with Citationsy. [37], In December 2018, Quora announced that approximately 100 million user accounts were affected by a data breach. [69][70] According to an official product update announcement, the removal of question details was made to emphasize canonical questions. Users can disable this feature. - Quora", "Quora Turns 80M Visitors Into Q&A Bounty Hunters With Knowledge Prizes", "Expanding Quora Beyond English Into Spanish", "Foundation trustee to join Quora as finance officer", "Announcing Wikidata References on Topics", "Quora scores $85M funding as valuation doubles to $1.8B", "Launching Quora in Hindi, Indonesian, and Portuguese", "Links on Quora - Product Updates - Quora", "A Better Way to Share and Recommend - Product Updates - Quora", "Quora introduces Broad Targeting, says audience hits 300 million monthly users", "Transitioning Blogs to Spaces (July 2019)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Quora&oldid=991582054, Companies based in Mountain View, California, Privately held companies based in California, Articles with dead external links from November 2020, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Optional/required, can write and ask anonymously, Quora raises $11 million in a series A, with, Quora announces that it will open up to the public, Quora introduces Credits for asking-to-answer questions, Quora introduces threaded comments and comment voting, Quora raises $50 million in a series B, with. Quora (/ˈkw[unsupported input]ə/) is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions. Its owner, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California, United States. [27] In September 2017 a beta version in Japanese was launched. It’s bound to happen, but with wiki answers, we just couldn’t limit its abuse. Quora (/ˈkwɔːrə/) is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. "[8], In March 2010, Quora, Inc. was valued at $86 million. Founder Adam D'Angelo has attempted to address some of this criticism.[59]. We seek to achieve this mission by creating the best page on the internet for any given question — pages that are valuable and reusable resources to readers. [24] The first ad placement that the company accepted was from Uber. Its publisher, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California. To all the Marketing Geniuses and Quora wizards out there, “Wiki Answers” needs no introduction, but for regular users, let me introduce my old friend. [49], Quora has developed its own proprietary algorithm to rank answers, which works similarly to Google's PageRank. Users were able to request a list of anonymous edit links to their existing anonymous questions and answers until then. Wiki answers . You can also start typing your question into the search bar at the top. The company believed that by cultivating a group of core users who were particularly invested in the site, a positive feedback loop of user engagement would be created. 6 Here is our list of rankings for the Top 20 Most Visited Question and Answer Websites. [12] Quora launched a full-text search of questions and answers on its website on March 20, 2013,[13] and extended the feature to mobile devices in late May 2013. [74] Her lawyers cited as a reason for the withdrawal recent court rulings "that immunize tech companies for acts of censorship and discrimination, whether or not those activities constitute unlawful discrimination or the restriction of legitimate speech...Specifically, the Communications Decency Act (“CDA”) has been interpreted by recent cases in the Northern District of California to trump federal civil rights statutes as well as UNRUH’s protections against discrimination on the basis of political opinion. - Quora", "Quora's Highly Praised Q&A Service Launches To The Public (And The Real Test Begins)", "Facebook Helps Social Start-Ups Gain Users", "The question-and-answer Quora platform is now worth $2 billion", "Charlie Cheever's answer to How did Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever come up with the name Quora? Hi could you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with?
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