Not saying which was better, I think that would be completely subjective but they don’t sound the same (at all). Sorry, our virus scanner detected that this file isn't safe to download. I have to now say having listened to CD Quality sound on that setup that it pretty much captures the live musical performance almost like sitting in the studio and hearing the instrument sound fully captured by the mic. Trotz ihrer kleinen Größe können sie die gleiche Leistung bringen wie größere Lautsprecherboxen. as @Stanley_4 alluded above, it’s worth making sure you’re acquainted with the actual science behind HiRes. And if this involves any modification of the unit in question, warranties will be lost for justified reasons. Cocktail Audio x12 Marc09 am 02.05.2018 – Letzte Antwort am 02.05.2018 – 10 Beiträge Sonos Port vs Bluesound Node 2i vs Yamaha WXC-50? Also, what about an external DAC? Also let us know which power supply you end up using if that works. Sonos vs. Bluesound: A Hi-fi, Wi-Fi Speaker System Shootout Sonos is the king of multiroom audio, but this Canadian upstart plans a coup By Simon Cohen March 1, 2018 There are also various ‘Sonos’ style powered speakers. Some of them simply will not agree even if you prove something scientifically beyond doubt. Nothing wrong in doing some experimentation. I love the sound of Sonos’ speakers but prefer the details offered by the higher-end Bluesound Node 2 streamer for an existing amplified system. Their app and wireless capabilities are pretty bad. Most of my listening sessio… All this is a big can of worms, i.e. I stuck to redbook and used Qobuz and Tidal going into the same DAC. Es kann als UKW-Radio mit den beigefügten Kopfhörer verwendet werden. View sonos PORT Bluesound Node 2i - £499. A more cautious approach to updating the Pulse 2 may have been advisable, not least to avoid another pr… Geräte mit Subwoofer verfügen über einen qualitativ hochwertigeren und tieferen Bass. I recently listened to beryllium speakers from Focal on a Mercedes Benz. You won’t even find high res for pop most of the time anyway. Die Größe des eingebauten Subwoofers gibt Aufschluss darüber, wie tief die Bässe eines Lautsprechers sind. At this point, I am also a bit confused as to whether to upgrade to the port (is it better sound? Going after SONOS market requires that and they have nailed it. Again, the audiophile vs music lover debate all over. Bluesound ist das innovative, kabellose System, mit dem sich Musik im ganzen Haus streamen lässt. Enter your username or e-mail address. I hope I am proved wrong and you get some useful feedback. Those Beryllium speakers were better than the ones in the studio and I swear I have only ever heard that sort of realism in the studio or in a live performance. Using the internal DAC, well there could be differences, but personally I just want to hear the music. IMO, the downside of Bluesound is high prices and features/wireless capability, and a relatively uncertain future. I am slowly coming to the same conclusion after reading several hundreds of reviews of different DACs and YouTube reviews of the electronics. Ultimately, why is it so expensive when Chromecast Audio is $35!? Let us know if you find that the power supply makes the port sound better than the connect. more than technical articles…. Invest in better speakers only after everything possible is done on room acoustics and speaker placement, if sound quality is still felt to be lacking. Yes nothing can match the AMT tweeters, but again that is just high frequencies alone mostly. Their internal D/A conversion circuitry is of a higher calibre. Er verfügt über höhere Übertragungsraten und bessere Sicherheit im Gegensatz zu den Vorgängern a, b und g. Kabellose Geräte ermöglichen Dir mehr Bewegungsfreiheit. So much so that, I believe if you spend significant money on good audio systems, before spending even more money, try to add sound dampening to the room, because that does make a lot of difference by absorbing the reflected sounds and/ or reflecting them as necessary. Finde heraus welches besser ist und dessen gesamt Leistung in der Lautsprecher-Bestenliste. The built-in DAC is really, really good. Mit einem Standard 3,5 mm Klinkestecker können Kopfhörer angeschlossen werden. CD quality is more than good enough. Do a blind test and pick what your ears hear. Snake oil sellers have been around for millenia and adapt themselves to present circumstances very easily because human nature has not changed in the same millenia. And who knows, maybe someday I'll finally retire my 30 year old Yamaha receiver and find a nice little amp to go with the WXC-50. I can say I have. Music is very subjective. Damit reiht sich Bluesound in die Gruppe der Unterstützer ein, zu denen bereits Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Dynaudio, Marantz, Libratone, Naim, Sonos und … Damit laufen neben Komponenten von NAD und DALI auch solche von Bluesound. But for progress to be real and not subjectively imagined, experimental conclusions need to be tested with the rigour that science applies. SET YOUR MUSIC FREE Featuring an array of analog and digital input and output options, the NODE 2i gives you infinite playback choices to rule your sonic domain. I purchased a Bluesound Node 2i and the dealer sold me an external DAC. For years, Sonos has managed to hold on to the top spot in the wireless home audio space — a category it single-handedly created 16 years ago. Geräte mit Stereolautsprechern und Surround-Sound von der linken zur rechten Seite, bieten einen volleren Klang und ein besseres Erlebnis. I have no idea how the speakers you refer to sound. On the sound quality front v Sonos, I think it will just boil down to listener preferences, which will in turn be driven by speaker design and construction. Ah. The sound completely changed at home - clearly room acoustics at play there. You would just look at it and touch it as well! Have two connects. I know many people in the HiFi industry and out of the industry who use the Node 2i and recommend it all the time. Bluesound's current line-up includes the Pulse 2i, Pulse Flex 2i, Node 2i, Powernode 2i and Pulse Soundbar 2i, and you can add older Bluesound models into the mix, too. Trying to level match was difficult, for some reason the Bluesound seems to output a much louder signal then the Sonos but what was pretty immediate and obvious was that the Bluesound threw a wider soundstage and subjectively seemed to have a little more dynamic range, while the Sonos threw a smaller soundstage and seemed a little warmer--the midrange seemed more natural with the Sonos connect. Das Volumen ist der dreidimensionale Raum, der vom Gehäuse des Produkts eingeschlossen wird, oder einfacher ausgedrückt, der Platz, den das Produkt benötigt. If you have deep pockets and a library full of hi-res music, it's likely your best option. - what hifi says no) or stick with my S2 compatible Connect which honestly sounds great as-is or right now I am using it through the chord mojo dac, line out mode through optical. Sonos port vs bluesound node 2i. Also sounds better in my setup. Certainly there is nothing wrong with experimentation, it is the foundation of scientific progress. Node 2i wins with sound quality. This tinkering is a good way to pass the time if bored in a lockdown, but has no other benefit that has been proved in even ONE level matched double blind listening test. Der Bluesound Node 2 ist ein Netzwerkplayer der zum Team des Multiroom Systems Bluesound 2gehört. My primary use is streaming music I've ripped, not music services, though … You will find those that swear there are massive “night and day” differences (usually favoring the more expensive, boutique brand Bluesound). Then it gets down to whether the price justifies the “better”, which is a subjective thing based on individual financial situations and assessment of value. For critical listening, I have my iPhone connected via USB to a DAC. My original Sonos Connect with an MCRU No.13 power lead, Russ Andrews filtered mains supply and coaxial digital output to an outboard DAC connected to my stereo sounds better than the Port similarly connected, having noticeably greater dynamics and richness of tone. Auch der Transport von Haushaltsgeräten und vielen anderen Produkten vereinfacht sich durch ein geringeres Gewicht. Mehrere Treiber können für bessere Klangqualität sorgen. However, we did a blind test and after switching back and forth 10 times I listened to the dealer who said it sounded a lot better with the DAC. Just get Sonos. T he Bluesound Node 2i is the result of audio industry engineers seeking a solution for music streaming with hi-res sound. I am not sure how many Port owners have compared it with Bluesound, but my guess would be none. The Pulse 2, the latest of the range’s speakers granted a second-generation makeover, was the sole component to retain its five-star status when we pitted the Award-winning multi-room system against renewed competition last year. I know that I have mentioned that I could find differences between CD quality and high-res files of the same music on the same system. Dieser Gerätetyp erlaubt das Hören bei geringerer Lautstärke, wodurch das Ohr weniger beansprucht wird, da Hintergrundgeräusche nicht durch aufgedrehte Lautstärke übertönt werden müssen. Zudem gibt es Vorteile für Gaming und HD Video-Streaming. Just noticed this thread and wanted to quickly comment--I I just ran the Node 2i vs Connect test last night for a bit. I would expect Bluesound with Hi-Res streaming to sound better than Sonos. Pretty badly in fact. Everything was clearer, more detailed and controlled. How about Sonos Connect/Bridge + Spotify vs. Bluesound node 2.0i +Tidal/Quoboz etc.. This I have to agree with. Sorry, we were unable to create that user account. In the Bluesound stable there is also a streaming integrated amplifier (the Power Node that is now also 2i) and there is a 2 TB Hard Drive Ripper and Streamer called the Vault (that is like a Node with a NAS drive built in, also 2i). I’ve been told by Benchmark support that the Node 2i would be better because it supports higher resolution (24/192) downloads compared to the Port being limited to 16 bits/44. please I need to know which one of these units have the better sounding quality, I bought a sonos amp and i was streaming music to my kef Q350, I returned this amp and I got a sonos port, this way I'm streaming to the port connected to a yamaha A s801, what if I return the sonos por and get the bluesound node2i, its this a better choice ??? To room acoustics measures, I would also add the influence of speaker placement with respect to walls and corners. I know it seems like overkill to buy a preamp with DSP and all the other preamp functions and use it as a player only, but considering the price compared to the Sonos Port or the Bluesound Node 2i (neither of which have a remote), and it looks to be a better deal. Bluesound will handle high-res files (up to 24/192) and will index more tracks than Sonos. Das Gerät ist spritzwassergeschützt und damit z.B. Now in its third iteration, Bluesound provides a solid Sonos alternative with an improved BluOS app that makes daily use a breeze. I am not denying that - but simply clarifying that with the right system, even CD quality recording does capture everything in adequate detail for it to provide true to life response. Mit dem Klang bin ich sehr zufrieden und die Pulse 2 ersetzte meine alten Regallautsprecher von Dynaudio. Sorry, we're still checking this file's contents to make sure it's safe to download. (I would expect Bluesound with Hi-Res streaming to sound better than Sonos). Den Klang musste ich allerdings etwas anpassen. If you find the connect to be better, you should trust your ears. If you are into S2 - I am not, I am fine at S1 - and have compatible Connects, I see no reason to change these out. Two other questions.. Perhaps I should make a new thread. This was a hard problem for me as well, but I stayed with Sonos because of the quality of the software, app and ecosystem. The review might very well be accurate in terms of Sonos vs. Bluesound speakers, but I think in any head to head streamer comparison the Node 2 will beat out the Sonos Connect every time, especially if they’re connected to a good DAC.. @rianvdm Rian, that’s an excellent point, which I missed in the review. If you are using an external DAC, even Sonos won't claim that Port offers upgraded sound quality. Pretty badly in fact. Short answer is that they sound pretty different from each other, not really hard to distinguish at all. Any possible preference for sound quality will be destroyed if such music stutters all the time. This is just a fact, and I had to hear this myself to believe it. Sometimes you learn interesting things. For everything else I have found Sonos connect + DAC to be better than any other alternative including direct from Mac. Google - Audio science review for Sonos Connect and you will see that the science says it is a much better streamer than Bluesound Node 2i which actually miserably fails in their measurement tests. I originally purchased it to compare directly with my Sonos Connect and then a Sonos Port that I later purchased. This is a gem in the Bluesound lineup. All else in the system is close to inconsequential. The other problem with high-res in general - is I am assuming a lot of us use streaming for it. i think the Play 5’s are fantastic and have a sound of their own which is distinct, unique, rich and quite fulfilling to hear even when compared against much more expensive Martin Logan speakers as an example. Atleast it works 99.9999% of the time. Kumar I’m back. Theoretically, all three are bit perfect, so there would be no difference using a digital output into a DAC. I honestly don’t believe at this point that high-res alone will make the sound better because my music sounds better through the “low-res” Sonos connect than when played in full high-res from my Mac mini connected to my receiver through an external DAC. Über einen AUX-Eingang haben Sie die Möglichkeit, weitere Audioquellen, z.B. Ähnliche Funktionen kennen wir bereits vom Node 1, aber auch von Mittbewerbern wie Sonos, Heos oder Raumfeld. For example, with Rock music that requires a good healthy midbass and bass performance to sound right, the Bluesound kicked my speakers into high gear with a more meaty presentation. Listen to a Bluesound Node 2I with and without an external DAC. How about any audible difference between these Sonos products and the Bluesound node 2.0i, preferably using same source? Fürs Audio-Streaming stellt BluOS eine eigene Software-Plattform dar. By Mike Mettler. Das Gerät bietet die Möglichkeit, direkt am Gerät ein Gespräch auf stumm oder laut zu schalten. There are several topics here on the high resolution sound issue, well worth looking at before you spend money on it. I should have listed and trusted what my ears were hearing. You should attempt it. Let us know if you find that the power supply makes the port sound better than the connect. I really cannot bring myself to buy a Node 2i which I have been researching very much these few days (hence saw this post). Please try again in a few minutes. Bluesound introduced a new series of network players and looking at them I thought they were pulling my leg for they look identical to the previous models. Here’s my experience: The Sonos app is much better than the Bluesound app. The only con is the resolution limit, otherwise you are good. Alle Player der neuen Generation unterstützen AirPlay 2. Is that better than Sonos? 802.11n ist ein im Jahre 2009 veröffentlichter Wireless-Standard. I use the Port to input digital streaming to my preamp. Seit März 2016 nutze ich Bluesound Node 2 und Bluesound Pulse 2. Would Bluesound Node 2 be better? For those who want to dig very deep into this and related subjects: It is all related because people tend to listen to Tidal, MQA and other stuff over Sonos and this is not an easy problem to untangle. However, I have kept faith with Sonos because the operating system is the probably the best available. I was not asking about hi-res sources, I was asking about whether there is any noticeable difference in audio quality between these three devices with equivalent sound sources. The Sonos app never does that - not even once. Google - Audio science review for Sonos Connect and you will see that the science says it is a much better streamer than Bluesound Node 2i which actually miserably fails in their measurement tests. Or just keep the connect upgraded to S2 if it is a newer connect. Das Gerät unterstützt das schnelle Bluetooth-Pairing über NFC und kann so mit anderen Geräten über Bluetooth kommunizieren. Ein Lautsprecher-Treiber ist ein einzelner Signalumwandler, der elektrische Signale in akutische Wellen umwandelt. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. Just using RCA outs into an NAD preamp/power amp, and then to (non-Sonos) speakers. You are right about the tinkering bit Kumar, we are bored, and we do tinker when we are bored… . Ein Passivradiator sieht von vorn wie ein normaler Treiber (Lautsprecher) aus, scheint aber an der Rückseite kein "Innenleben" zu haben. The industrial design of the Bluesound Node 2i is fantastic, easily earning A+ in my book. Häufig werden somit bessere Übertragungsraten, bessere Zuverlässigkeit und geringerer Stromverbrauch erzielt. Effects of the room I can verify because my amazing Play 5 speaker at home, sounded entirely dud in the BestBuy “floor”.
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