–Promotes active reading thus reinforcing knowledge: Journal writing proves to be all the more advantageous simply because of the fact that it promotes active reading. Another advantage is that the supply of this renewable energy is constant, as well as without limits. The following are some of the distinct advantages of using these excellent information sources for your research: For authors to publish academic journals online, they are required to verify their information sources through links and citations. Academic journals have multiple factors associated with it but at the same time there are certain advantages and disadvantages involved as well. This helps you access the truth, and you can draw your own conclusions if you don’t agree with the authors. Plus, in case of experiments, there are high chances that the behavior of the test subject might fluctuate between the laboratory and natural environment. Advantages of different information sources Choosing an appropriate source of information to meet your needs can save you time and help you get hold of relevant information. After all as a student you’ve got your own thoughts and ideas to express and that can only find fruition when you’re given the scope to write at length. Academic journals promote active reading and provoke deep thinking. So there is no possibility of any transaction being omitted from the books of account. One of the main reasons for peer-reviewed articles is to present a more objective research base. Questia's library contains hundreds of thousands of full-text academic journal articles from some of the world's leading publishers. Advantages or Disadvantages of writing reflective journal Reflective journal is used as a tool for learning and critical analysis of any subject matter. These journal articles provide research resources from a scholarly perspective. By following case studies, you can apply your wealth of knowledge to real life situations and play scenarios out in your mind for better understanding. Conducting research for scholarly projects has been made much easier by academic journals online. You cannot put a price tag on knowledge, can you? Peer review processes filter out journals that cannot be used as sources for articles or other papers and publishes those that are suitable to release to the public. You know that to write a high-quality paper you must lay a strong foundation for it through thorough, in-depth research, right? The following arte the advantages of journal: Each transaction is recorded as soon as it takes place. Books. Academic journals online come with several research options, which helps widen your scope. They also drive your zeal to write enriching work. Be it specific people or any particular situation, an in-depth analysis can be reached with its aid. Online journals are like encyclopedias, offering information in large quantities to scholars. Journal ranking is widely used in academic circles in the evaluation of an academic journal 's impact and quality. – More options for researching: Academic journals mostly come with more than one option for researching. Authors of online academic journals are required to provide proof that supports their claims by referencing the sources of their information. –Not effective enough for conducting surveys: There are high chances that when writing for an academic journal you might be required to conduct various surveys and tests. Since the transactions are kept recorded in journal, chronologically with narration, it can be easily ascertained when and why a transaction has taken place. In their raw form, they risk being too biased to be reliable sources, and they may possibly contain inaccurate information on a subject. And while everything has its pros and cons, the pros of using academic journals for research purposes far outweigh the cons. All these sharpen your authority with your chosen topics. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. In fact, current educational research shows journal writing provides an impetus for deeper thinking. Information is available in a range of formats. For instance, as a researcher you might want to understand the effects of a particular phenomenon. Contemporary Education & Communication Technology – APJCECT, Top 8 Reasons to Participate in Our Conferences, Effective and Meaningful Literature Review, Top 10 Benefits of Using Academic Journals Online for Scholarly Research. –There’s the scope for fluent writing: An academic journal also gives you the scope to exercise fluent writing. Getting to know both sides of the coin is important when it comes to success. Why should you use academic journals for your research? Now academic journals need solid facts and figures and hence, a hypothetical analysis wouldn’t really carry you through. Journals. –Aids reflective learning while calling for attention: There are instances and projects wherein you might be required to pen down reflections so that you can share or put forth your learning experience through this project. Encyclopedias. Albert I. Lansing; The Advantages of Old Age, Journal of Gerontology, Volume 2, Issue 3, 1 July 1947, Pages 269, https://doi.org/10.1093/geronj/2.3.269 With a computer, tablet or Smartphone and an internet connection, you can access a vast array of academic journal databases and electronic material. You can use this fact to your advantage. By following case studies, you can apply your wealth of knowledge to real life situations and play scenarios out in your mind for better understanding. 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This is something which is completely beyond your control and there’s not much you can do to help it. In this way you can literally lead yourself. Journals contain original research and typically focus on one experiment; newspapers and magazines may refer to research studies, but do not contain original research. However, previous studies of students’ perceptions of e-learning demonstrate a lack of consistent results with respect to the prediction of their academic achievement. Advantages: Websites provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and … You don’t have to limit yourself to plain text or reading materials. You can also tell where they borrowed their school of thoughts from and clarify anything you don’t understand. What Things Should Students Know Before Writing Their First Resume? It can make or break careers. When you’re presented with so many facts in one single source, you’re prompted to seek out their sources to verify whether they’re true. Moreover, it’s quite likely that the selected sample might not really represent whole of the concerned population and this kind of a false representation might just lead to false information. However, in most cases there’s a bunch of limitations associated with the kind of experiments that can be conducted. The past decade has seen a tremendous increase in internet use and computer-mediated communication (Fox, Rainie, Larsen, Horrigan, Lenhart, Spooner, & Carter, 2001; Horrigan, 2001; Nie & Erbring, 2000; Nie, Hillygus, & Erbring, 2002). This, in turn, influences your work’s overall quality, making it reliable also, as well as enriched with facts and truths. An academic journal is filled with academic research and thoughts, sometimes containing great insights into the person who wrote it or his views. Reading and writing put together serves as the right concoction for promoting active and constructive thinking. Support of researchers and research students in their endeavors to improve knowledge dissemination is one of our key drivers. –Need to depend on outside sources for research: There’s this constant need to depend on outside sources when it comes to researching for an academic journal. Websites. As for quantitative research, then it’s known to focus only on the measurement and conversion bit. There’s a long list of advantages associated with drawing research information from academic journals online. –The researching options come with limitations: It’s true that there are options available when it comes to researching. Newspapers. So these options allow you to conduct proper research so you can craft a paper worth its salt. This actually widens the scope for exploring your chosen subject. When you don’t have full control over the research you’re conducting, then it can make things rather frustrating. Most articles contained in journals include graphs, tables, images & photographs, videos, etc., which help illustrate the information being portrayed. Now, there might be quite a few amongst them who might not have an accurate memory. This plays a rather important role considering the fact that this is the age of heterogeneously grouped classrooms where it’s a challenge for the teachers to constantly meet out individual attention. Advantages of academic courses The advantages of academic courses are: Useful Subjects: Most of the students who do academic courses are interested in student research, lectureship or government jobs. Journals also come in many downloadable forms such as pdf, html, etc. –Provision of case studies or in-depth knowledge: Academic journals also prove to be a great mode to gain in-depth knowledge. It’s more like one particular option being deficient in certain factors and the other having deficiency in others. Contain original research that may cover multiple experiments or span several years. This helps you understand the pros and cons of the claims expressed in the journals, from more than one author’s viewpoint. Doing this allows you to access information even in the absence of internet, and you can build your journal library on your computer. However, the disadvantage lies in the fact that if you choose to go for any one option, then there are quite a few limitations involved with each. Internet data is easy to obtain, but the recipient has to do all his or her assessment, while with scholarly journals the assessment has already been done; The current journal system employs people with high level filtering expertise, and no search engine can match that; … Check out the following advantages of academic journals. To help children gain these advantages from journaling, suggest the following journals for them to try (at home, in the classroom, or both): Nature Journals – these journals can be used to keep track of the flora and fauna they see in nature, especially the species that interest them most. Without referees, a journal would have to employ a team of editors with expertise in every field, and this would make the cost of the production prohibitive. You can easily see from your peer group’s reactions if they understood the points you advanced in … You can really say something to yourself and by writing it into your journal you can put a commitment on yourself. You can practically shut off your internal editor here and write error free. It deals with a lot of information and statistical data. Journal writing is known to create a particular zone or niche that’s judgment free. Good writing can never rear its head without the scope for fluency and that’s exactly what academic journals pave the ground for. Academic Journals accelerates the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of high quality research articles using the open access model. –Not having full control over your research: This is another major disadvantage which can prove rather frustrating as well. Scholarly articles attempt to discuss and outline the merits of other explanations and viewpoints which are in contrast to their views. For instance, you’ve undertaken a case study and there are people reporting to you under it. These articles will also offer a detailed bibliography at the end for the readers to reference. They do not seek to justify their own opinions and conclusions as the only credible truths, but rather acknowledge the contrasting opinions as credible too and then clarify why they draw different conclusions. Let’s face it, sometimes we all could use a small kick in the butt to get us going into the right direction. Click on each to see their advantages and disadvantages. We specialize in the form of publishing academic journals, providing training in research epistemology and organizing small to medium sized local as well as international conferences. Establishes the validity of research based upon the expert knowledge of other researchers in the discipline, therefore preventing falsified work from being accepted within an area of study. Copyright 2007-2019 Scholarship-Positions.com, 2020 Online College programs PhD Masters Graduate Financial Aid Positions Free, Academic Journals: Benefits and Drawbacks, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Can Be Useful for Students to Find a Job, Best Tips for Students to Stop Worrying and Boost Their Positivity. We aim to combine these domains into one interdisciplinary academic vocation. In fact, there are so many research designs from which the academic researchers can choose. Traditionally, the journals that use peer review enjoy an excellent reputation and are trusted by experts in the field. It helps to document the thought which may be positive or negative and help you in self-development. Academic journals include real life case studies which are excellent sources of in-depth information and knowledge. The advantages of academic journals Academic journals have multiple factors associated with it but at the same time there are certain advantages and disadvantages involved as well. Third advantage is that when generating heat for a home system, it ensures you that it is really condensed. The following arte the advantages of journal: Each transaction is recorded as soon as it takes place. Academic journals include real life case studies which are excellent sources of in-depth information and knowledge. From case studies, you can form your hypothesis as a researcher. This gives you a wider range of information to work with, and you can, therefore, perform a comprehensive research from academic journals. Home » Blog » Academic Journals: Benefits and Drawbacks, Penning an Academic Journal – The easy and the difficult bits. An obvious advantage of open access journals is the free access to scientific papers regardless of affiliation with a subscribing library and improved access for the general public; this is especially true in developing countries. As a practicum student at McGill’s Teaching and Learning Services, I have been examining the role of reflective journals in post-secondary classrooms. They offer a wealth of knowledge which comes critiqued and forces you to critique it also. From case studies, you can form your hypothesis as a … Journals help you view topics from many different angles, hence formulating your individual opinion and conclusion. Join the bandwagon and use academic journals online for all your education needs. Accelerating Discovery. This makes online academic journals entirely credible and authoritative because you can verify the facts from their original sources. More cumulative coverage of a topic. As a researcher you can very well make use of the case studies to form a hypothesis. After completing academic … Penned down by Savion Sage: specializes in various domains and is associated with a major Law firm. This also helps them to attract the best researchers and scientists to submit papers. Doing this helps you to get a better grasp of the concepts and ideas with which you're working. Narrowing your search to a focused angle then becomes easier because all you need is to type in specific keyword phrases and you’ll get thousands of search results in just a few seconds. Now that you’re aware of the advantages that come with academic journals, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the disadvantages as well. Submit Manuscript. These come in various forms and cater to various subjects and domains. So there is no possibility of any transaction being omitted from the books of account. Actually researchers and students are known to publish their works and experimental findings in academic journals. Some research institute provide stipend to research and later students get opportunity to work in that institute. Moreover, in case of naturalistic studies you might not always be able to reach the cause and effect relationship involved. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions. Now, it’s a combination of both advantages as well as disadvantages, so it’s on you to tackle them simultaneously. You can make use of both or any one when it comes to your academic journal. For example, journals focused on literature often want analytical essays, while scientific journals more often want empirically backed studies with sound methodologies. Because the peer-review process can be time-consuming, they may not include up-to-the minute news or current event information. Journal rankings are intended to reflect the place of a journal within its field, the relative difficulty of being published in that journal, and the prestige associated with it. Mere personal opinions without proper, factual backup are not admissible. Provides feedback as to the effectiveness of your communication. By using your journal in this way, you will become your own coach. Researchers commonly perform experiments and publish them in scholarly journals. When tasked with writing projects or dissertations, students can now easily access credible information from online academic journal databases. The above disadvantages should now provide a pointer to the kind of problems you’re likely to face when undertaking an academic journal. On the other hand, if it’s a scientific journal, then it’s expected you’ll find more of empirically based studies including sound methodologies. Every author has biases, regardless of how hard they may try to remain objective. Below are some of the ones you are most likely to use. Business, Journals, knowledge, Online, Research, Suite 1A Level 2 802 Pacific Highway Gordon NSW 2072 Australia, FAX: (+61) 02 9844 5445 Tel: (+61) 0420 963 175 Email: [email protected]. All the three career options are useful and beneficial. Disadvantages: Scholarly journals include information of academic interest, so they are not the best sources for general interest topics. Journals are important for reporting fast-paced, competitive or time-sensitive research. As an increasing amount of communicative activity takes place through this new medium, there has likewise been a significant increase in primary research on virtual communities, online relationships, and a variety of other aspects of computer-mediated communication (Flaherty, Pea… Do not be left behind. 2. There are many research designs that academic researchers can choose from that have various designs suitable for different subjects. Internet and technology have become widely available the whole world over so that most people can access e-journals for research. Well, that’s it. The world of research involves quite a few aspects and amongst them there’s the consideration of academic journals as well. –Naturalistic observations pose problems: Another fact you’re likely to encounter as a researcher is that the naturalistic observations haven’t got much reliability associated with it. Provides valuable feedback so that researchers can revise and improve their papers before publication. There’s a wide variety of databases to source information from, but it’s so much easier to access this information online because all you need is a computer and internet. One of the advantages of academic journals is the information has been thoroughly documented. They say information is power and what better way to empower yourself than with digital information sourced from academic journals. How Can Students Add Transferable Skills in a Résumé? May 28th, 2017    Admin    Business, Journals. The academic documentation provides readers with the exact source of the information. University students, who are assumed to be digital natives, are exposed to campus e-learning environments to improve their academic performance at the beginning of their academic careers. They allow you to explore both quantitative and qualitative research, for optimum results. This active reading obviously stems from the need to write enriching facts. As for qualitative research, then it’s mostly to do with opinions, impressions and verbal data of sorts. Due to the high-quality information contained in journals which are enriched with facts and truths, you’re bound to get rave ratings from your lecturers if you use academic journals online for your scholarly research. Another advantage associated with using academic journals is that these academic journals are focused on one topic. Check out the following advantages of academic journals. Academic journals are a collection of thoughts and opinions by their authors who, after conducting researches and analyses, pen down their thoughts and finding in journals. Having a diversity of opinions can help to neutralize the biases that may come up during research and help to keep the findings of the article objective, thus presenting the best possible research for others to build upon. Put in mind that the earth is never going to stop producing heat energy and in theory, energy is abundant enough to supply all the needs of all mankind. Having said so, such personalized learning experiences call for individualized attention as well. Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research © 2018, All rights reserved. Unlike in the print copies days when you could only access information physically in libraries, academic journals online come with the option of free downloads which allow you to save material to your PC or Smartphone. Herein also the crops up problem of designers failing to come up with an effectively designed survey. –More options for researching: Academic journals mostly come with more than one option for researching. Online data collection in academic research might be replacing paper-and-pencil surveys or questionnaires in the near future. Journals. Even if you have to buy a journal or two, they’re quite a worthwhile investment. Some journals are even in the form of cds, and you can listen to them while you drive. With both, you can analyze statistical data, opinions, verbal data, etc. ‘”High impact journals such as Nature are well aware that publication in their journals is rightly or wrongly the currency of academic success. In general, the two kinds of research commonly used include quantitative and qualitative researches. This is essential because of the fact that case studies are available for you to base your research on when it comes to an academic journal. And just like talking to different people about a certain topic broadens your perspective on the topic, so does reading the thoughts and conclusions of different authors.
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