Thread main line through egg sinker or a sinker slide. Bottom jigs and Carolina rigs are the only things I can think of to add to this list. How to Set Up a Carolina Rig: Here is what you need to get set up fishing a Carolina Rig, and a simple diagram of how to tie it all together. Spinning tackle is recommended! That’s where the Carolina rig comes into play. May 31, 2019. Great suggestion Sean! How to Setup a Carolina Rig; Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing with Pro Guide James Caldemeyer. The heavy weight also keeps the lure in better contact with the bottom and the lure on the leader line moves freely through the water giving it a more natural look. My current rig set up is a 7' Fenwick MH spinning rod ( rated 3/8 to 1 ounce). Gear . After introducing you to the basic setup of the Carolina rig, Peter talks about the mechanics of the rig, for instance, your bait isn't floating unless you have a life jacket on your worm. The Carolina rig is a fairly simple rig to set up on your line, and it allows a ton of customization options. Use a spinning rod combo for lighter weights up to 3/8 Oz. Author. The Carolina Rig. It creates fish-attracting sounds. The Carolina rig is a plastic bait rig similar to the Texas rig, but with the weight fixed above the hook, instead of sliding down to it. 9 months ago. Carolina Rig vs. Texas Rig. How to Dress for Cold Winter Weather, According to a Fairbanks Outdoorsman. The Texas rig is an old and popular setup that works for anglers of all skill levels. Yes, those can be very effective too. The Carolina Rig is not only a way to rig a worm but also a technique for bass fishing. After you’ve mastered the art of throwing a crankbait or a topwater you’ll need to learn how to fish deep and fish slow. Use a bait cast combo for heavier weights above 1/4 Oz. For a more finesse technique on a spinning combo, use 6 to 10-pound test line. Carolina rigs allow you to cover a bigger area. For a rod I use a Daiwa Saltist SIN76MHXS. Reply to Sean Paschal . The biggest distinction between the two of them - other than the lack of variety and choices with the Texas - is that with a Carolina set-up, the bullet weight or sinker is fixed securely above the hook. You can also use a fluorocarbon leader if desired. Carolina rigs are often used on strong fighting predatory fish like tarpon and snook, but they can be used on just about any species. If you're wondering how to make a Carolina Rig, it's pretty similar to the making of the Texas set-up. I fish some of the murkiest, muckiest, and weediest waters in … Carolina Rig Setup. Carolina Rig for California Halibut. Latest. Offset Worm Hook: The size of the bait you are using is the deciding factor for what size of hook to tie on. If you’re looking for something new to do with a Carolina rig, Thliveros’ lightweight “Petey rig” is a good example to keep in mind. So Peter, isn't setting his leader length based on how far bass are suspended off the bottom. This is because Carolina Rigs need a lot of line management; the extra space helps with this aspect. LINE. You want to use a longer rod (7′ – 7’3″) to help with the long leader, cast farther, and set the hook. By Bob McNally. Some saltwater anglers refer to the Carolina rig as "fish finder rigs." Luke Simonds. Fishing Line – Depending on the throat you are fishing you may want to use a 5 to 30 lb test line. With this rig, you can run a chunk, live bait, or even a texas rig plastic on the hook. We just figured we'd mention that so you don't get confused. Deepwater fishing and Caroline rig are the perfect pair. Note: Commissions may be earned from the links below. ? Carolina Rig Tips. Hooks – Depending on the size trout you are fishing you may use a size 4 to 12 hook for this setup. First, you can make longer casts since the rig uses heavier sinkers. Once you’ve mastered and felt comfortable with the Texas rig it’s time to try out the Carolina and see how truly versatile it is. Match the size line you spool up to the size of the weight and bait you are planning to throw. How to Tie a Carolina Rig? A medium heavy rod is ideal for this. For a spinning reel you should consider something rated for saltwater use and in the 2500 to 3500 size. Guest. It also allows us to fish weedless setups and lets us cover more ground that a normal rig … Improve bait presentation, and put big fish in the boat with these killer rigs. Consequently, due to its minimalistic setup, the Carolina rig proved to be the go-to option when the wind and current prevent your line from staying in the strike zone. In a never-ending quest to catch more and bigger fish, so we have learned to embrace a multitude of baits and fishing techniques. A tutorial on when and how to tie the Carolina Rig, a rig where the weight is fixed above the hook. Not only that, but the Carolina rig is extremely easy to set up, and basically only requires 5 parts: A Sinker; A Bead; A swivel; A Leader; A Hook; With just these five simple pieces, you can set up a Carolina rig and start catching just about any type of fish that you want, especially while surf fishing. When placed in water, bait attached to a Carolina rig will move in a circular motion. For this I use a Daiwa Saltist 2500. Use these tips to keep them alive. Certain prized game fish, like redfish and snapper, are often caught on Carolina rigs. Last year I actually kept the carolina rig in the boat every trip. You should aim for a casting rod at greater than 7 feet in length. My preferred setup when Carolina Rig fishing deep structure is a G.Loomis SJR 844 7´ heavy-fast spinning rod with a Daiwa 4500S spinning reel rated for 10-17lb line and lures up to 1oz. It shares some similarity to the Texas Rig in the way that the actual worm is rigged, but that’s about it. Use a sliding weight, usually bullet shaped, and a hook sufficient for the size worm you have chosen. If the strike zone is large, then it will be easy to hook up on a fish. “A Carolina rig, however, has a weight seperate from the business end that’s creating a disturbance and drawing attention while the soft plastic is hovering a few inches off the bottom. You also want the rod to be pretty stout to be able to handle the heavy weight. It can be used with a number of soft plastic baits, like worms, craws or tubes. Carolina Rig . Both the Texas and Carolina rigs are good in springtime. Building the rig is simple and straightforward. Carolina Rig Vs Texas Rig. The Carolina rig is a super effective plastic bait rig that is especially perfect for going after bottom feeding fish and fish like bass. The materials you’ll need for a standard Carolina Rig set up are: Rod and reel. An ideal baitcasting reel should have a 6.3:1 or 7.1:1 gear ratio. 9 months ago. The Carolina Rig is a rig every serious angler should know. Beads – Use a 6mm bead for this rig. As the water current moves your terminal tackle back and forth, the sliding sinker will produce a clicking sound every time it hits the bead. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to set up a Carolina rig, as well as tips on the when, why, and how to use one. The Carolina Rig can be made up of several combinations of elements, so the fisher really has a lot of creativity when using this rig. 10 New Bushcraft Skills You Should Master this Winter. 15 Bait Rigs That Will Catch Any Fish Anywhere. Before we get into the exact rig and setup that enables you to do this, we first need to talk about the strike zone and why it’s important. You'll need: bullet sinker glass bead barrel swivel offset hook line You May Also Like Tying a Palomar Knot Play Tying a Texas Rig Play The Carolina rig is one of the most popular ways of presenting and fishing a lure for catching a boat load of big bass. In very shallow water you might want to think about shortening your leader to 12 inches, and using a lighter weight. Leaders are 10-12lb fluorocarbon ranging from 2 -3´ in length. This specific rig is designed to help fishermen catch bottom feeding fish, particularly bass fish. Shannon Allen. The Texas Rig is considered and named specifically for standard rigging with a plastic worm. More Fishing. 8 products 264 views. Unlike Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs utilize a leader to keep the weight fixed a set distance from the worm. I make my leader — usually between 2 1/2 and 3 feet long — and then add a hook on one end and a swivel on the other. Then I don't. Monofilament line that is abrasion resistant from 17-25lbs is most often used for the main line. The carolina rig is a finesse presentation but the setup is actually quite bulky so it is important to have the proper gear. Survival. The Carolina rig is better for reaching deep bass fish. Doesn’t get any better than this! I put a US Reel Supercaster 230 with 30 pound fireline. Reply. The bead helps protect your line from your weight in the water. It’s much easier to set up than a Carolina rig too. Though dragging your Carolina rig may not be the most exciting way to catch fish, the setup is very effective for catching a variety of fish from bass, catfish, walleye, trout, and much more. There are also those who utilize live bait like leeches, nightcrawlers, shad and minnows. The Carolina rig is suitable for beginning fishers. Mangrove Snapper Mastery Course: Module 2: Fish Finder Rig: Double Snell Rigging 7:05. Wheeler goes so far to classify his Carolina rig setup as a finesse system - the bait glides along in an extremely natural fashion that bass can't resist. The Carolina rig gives you more sensitivity to feeling a halibut bite and is a better choice when fishing near rocks or other underwater covers. You can learn about it in this Beyond the Basics video. Carolina Rig Set Up A basic Carolina Rig set up is fairly simple and often considered one of the best salt water bottom rigs as it allows a more natural presentation, especially if using live bait, and allows the fish to take the bait without detecting the weight right away. Plus, as the lure swims a couple of inches above the bottom, it will be easily visible by any fish. Additionally, Wheeler explains the offshore situations when a Carolina rig excels and how to fish the setup in the current. You can choose to rig Carolina with or without beads depending on your preference. Live shrimp will be your best all-around live bait to use. Use a Texas rig in the fall as fish remain in shallow waters. How to Tie the Trout Rig. A Texas rig will catch some bass hugging bottom along points in bright sunshine, but a Carolina rig outperforms the Texas rig because the setup’s heavy weight permits anglers to make longer casts to cover more water. Straight shank hooks can also be used but these work best for us and allow for better presentation. This makes it much easier for a bass to locate and attack it.” Above the water, Carolina rigs offer anglers two primary advantages: Constant feel and an unsually high hookup ratio. Picture Rig Diameter (in. The Carolina Rig is something that all anglers need to have in their arsenal. The Carolina halibut rig is a great choice if you’re bottom fishing from a boat with dead bait and you want to use a simpler rig. Every year I tell myself I'm going to carolina rig more. In terms of lures and baits, many people use soft plastics like leeches, flukes, lizards, grubs and crawdads. If you’re fishing a lake with a lot of greenery, you’ll want a weedless rig like this to prevent frustration and lost lures. It's perfect for finding fish in deeper waters. Carolina Rig Setup Tackle. Never Underestimate The Strike Zone. Sabiki rig. Recommended Rod & Reel Setup For Saltwater Carolina Rig. Even if going super light isn’t your style, a Carolina rig with a 1/2- … For finesse worms I’ll use 1/0 hook. The rod should be a medium heavy, fast action casting rod. It is best to use Carolina rig during or after the spawning period. Gear. Here's What You'll need to fish a carolina rig. This is a really important concept because the strike zone dictates how far a trout will travel to eat your bait. In this rig setup, the weight is located on a distance after the bait, which allow the bait to perform a great action while slowly sinking. Step 2: Adding your bait to the rig. The tackle needed for a Carolina rig setup is minimal. The differences between the Carolina rig and the Texas rig mentioned above can help you determine when you should use each one. Make sure to follow all the tips listed so you can gain the most enjoyment out of your rig setup. Best Baits To Use. As mentioned we prefer using wide gap hooks with a kicked shank. Carolina Rig How To Set Up Video Texas Rig For Bass. Reply.
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