As for the GPU, often it is less durable than the CPU, so don’t overclock beyond 20% of the GPU’s standard clock speed, unless you have a water cooling system. Unlike overclocking RAM, overclocking your CPU requires you to be aware of whether your computer’s cooling will be able to handle your overclocked CPU. Here is a list of softwares for overclocking the GPU. I didn't give it much playtime though, just loaded up two music games (Audiosurf 2 & Melody's Escape) since I figured I'd notice a difference immediately with time-sensitive inputs but it was about the same for me. Overclocking a laptop is like pouring gasoline onto an overheating car engine. In computing, overclocking is the practice of increasing the clock rate of a computer to exceed that certified by the manufacturer. In many cases, it might not even be worth overclocking your monitor. Is Overclocking Your Monitor Worth It? That's like saying overclocking your CPU will destroy it. The sole purpose of overclocking is to boost performance of that component. Overclocking increases the temperature of the CPU/GPU and to compensate for it the performance of the CPU/GPU reduces until the temperature goes back to normal. Download the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) software developed by ToastyX . But why bother with overclocking my monitor when I can overclock my process, card, and memory. The extra fps won't even matter unless you are using a 144 hz monitor. And, if you have the budget to purchase a high refresh rate monitor (ideally, a FreeSync or G-Sync display), that would be the better route to go. Well, you can do that. So there is overclocking and readily available settings (XMP) on your ram. On top of that, a lot of components nowadays auto-overclock anyway. Overclocking monitors is an actual thing that happens and it’s pretty cool. Simply speaking, overclocking is modifying a component of your computer (such as processor, RAM, GPU, etc.) Overclocking your RAM is a lot less stressful than overclocking your GPU or CPU. Go ahead, try it yourself on CSGO. Overclocking a laptop GPU is definitely not worth the risk. But I'm curious if you all here believe overclocking a CPU/GPU is worth it on a flight sim computer? Commonly, operating voltage is also increased to maintain a component's operational stability at accelerated speeds. That's not pointless or lame. How to overclock a monitor: Note: Be sure to completely read … When you overclock a CPU, you have to worry about whether or not your cooling will handle the faster clocks. Is overclocking worth it? You can overclock your GPU using certain utility softwares. In short, yes it can be. You might be able to force it in the graphics cards control panel but I wouldnt. That's smart. No. PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks. GPU and display overclocking are usually worth it. My monitor overclocks to 74 Hz but I decided to just stick with 60 Hz. Reply to: Is CPU overclocking worth it for gaming? Overclocking a monitor can definitely damage it, the main controller chip of the monitor can overheat and wear out much quicker, this is well documented. Anyone that owns one, is it worth the money? Auto-overclocking. Final Thoughts. So overclocking a cpu is 100% safe and overclocking a cpu doesn't void you warranty because nothing bad will happen. Example, I overclocked my cpu to 4.2 ghz because I didn't have to touch the voltage and it only increased heat by like 5 C while being well under the safe thermal limit. Even if overclocking doesn't do any harm, it could still void your warranty. (a) MSI Afterburner (b) GPU-Z (c) AMD Overdrive (d) EVGA Precision X 16 (e) Sapphire TriXX It also makes a respectable performance difference, I'm getting better FPS since I overclocked my machine. Usually it involves slowing timings down to get clocks up and is thus not really worth it Also Intel only sees minor gains after a certain point (there are some exceptions concerning productivity). In other words, whether or not a curved monitor is worth it will depend entirely on your situation and what you are looking to achieve by purchasing one. Overclocking RAM without tinkering with the voltages won’t hurt your hardware; but may crash your computer. Please remember to … A small overclock isn't noticeable. I often see Linus Overclocking monitors, and I was just wondering, how safe is it? Is graphics card overclocking worth it? Assuming there isn't a FPS cap of 60 it'll be fine. Since overclocking can put your GPU under stress, it will also shorten its lifespan. Mess with the launch options all you want, you will not get your overclocked hz and anti-aliasing at the same time. You can open it up and add some small heat sinks to any components that get very hot from overclocking. If it destroyed it, it wouldn't be so easy to overclock it. In this article I’ll explain whether overclocking is safe and worth the risk. I really love overclocking everything I get my hands on, but I just wanted your opinion on this matter before I start overclocking. Base frequency and boost frequency are higher for K than non-K CPUs, in particular all-cores boost frequency, but does it really make such a difference ? So Ive got this monitor, and was looking to overclock it. These cautionary tales represent the extreme of where mismanaged and haphazard forays into overclocking can lead but do not define the experience for the majority. If you are looking for the best gaming experience possible, a curved monitor is an excellent addition to add to your setup. Essentially, it’s for those that want something a little better than what they already have. That said, if you think it’s worth overclocking your monitor before investing in a new one and decide to proceed at your own risk, here are the steps to get started: 1. The result is a higher refresh rate (frequency), which can be worth the downsides for some users. You overclock cards that are not fast enough to run a game well, so that they do. You don't overclock cards that are massively overspec'd like that. A user can overclock a monitor to conform with new settings or make the appearance better. Monitor overclocking is vital as it helps to change monitor refresh rate. But I am trying to convince myself not to buy it. In this scenario, we recommend opting for a regular monitor instead. Sure gotcha. I've read some threads about overclocking (many of them are years old so maybe not relevant), and have learned a little bit here and elsewhere. Demanding users, such as gamers, can even overclock a new monitor to conform to their preferences and needs. An overclocked CPU or … They don’t come at an extra price premium, and as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to achieve these overclocks, yes, absolutely. The only major problem with overclocking your monitor is that you cannot use anti-aliasing with it. Its a fast monitor, you will be a bit pig sick if it blows it 6 months down the line. (B) Thermal Throttling of CPU/GPU. There are lots of discussions about new processors, graphics cards, cooling products, power supplies, cases, and so much more! The art of overclocking is shrouded in words of warning, and stories of CPUs being fried to kingdom come due to overly ambitious clock speeds and inadequate cooling arrangements. Hi, I'm wondering if getting an Intel K CPUs worth it compared to the non-K counterparts if you don't do overclocking ? so that it provides a better performance and runs faster than what you got from the manufacturer. Overclocking your monitor and graphics card is definitely worth … Overclocking a desktop is fun, easy and hugely satisfying. It would seem to me that the several additional fps you might gain from the OC might not be worth it, worth the possible risk to your hardware. Overclocking used to be more complicated than it is now, but the process still comes with some risks. Just keep in mind that the risk of frying your hardware is proportionate to voltage and temperature – the higher the both, the more risks are there. IMO - No it's not worth overclocking even for a 2560x1440 monitor. Doing this will essentially increase the refresh rate of your monitor, which means increasing the … Certain configurations respond well to the change and after all, it's free and mostly safe. RAM overclocking usually isn’t worth it. Branko Jovanovic’s answer (which is basically no and you might want to try under-volting) is good, however if you are going to try under-volting you should run stability tests to make sure your CPU will still operate correctly. The EXTREME Overclocking Forums are a place for people to learn how to overclock and tweak their PC's components like the CPU, memory (RAM), or video card in order to gain the maximum performance out of their system. If you have it on, your monitor will not run at your overclocked hz. I would use it for gaming mostly, and general computer related tasks. So I am struggling here. It's already too hot to use, all you'll achieve is … Posted by pabloottawa: “Overclocking NOT WORTH IT!” ... You monitor can only display 60fps. You forgot to overclock your monitor! So if you're thinking of overclocking a PC new enough to still have a warranty, check with the manufacturer first. Ultimately, overclocking your monitor won’t provide as big of a benefit as will overclocking other components. When buying a product, one thing that we consider the most is the longevity. But, if you’re looking for ways to make your gaming a hundred times better, overclocking can help you step up! Overclocking RAM Isn’t Scary. Overclocking RAM isn’t nearly as scary or unsafe as overclocking a CPU or GPU. I will have the money for one of those big, beautiful, 30" displays soon. Overclocking ram past its rated speeds can be very tricky. Overclocking your monitor is essentially for the same purpose as overclocking your processor; to get a little more performance. But in the future before you say something like this, try googling stuff before you ... say things. However, in select scenarios, like with an AMD APU, it … In this article, we’ll be talking about overclocking a processor. These utility softwares can also be used to monitor the GPU temperature, GPU voltage levels, Overvolting, Undervolting and Underclocking.
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