The plant was very well packaged and came in excellent condition. ----- Faites-vous livrer votre strelitzia ----- FI I have tried every plant delivery service possible, and I can’t recommend this high enough. Search. Giant Bird of Paradise sums up this immense plant - huge grey-green paddle shaped leaves to 2m long are produced on a gradually extending ringed trunk. Strelitzia nicolai Synonyms: Giant White Bird of Paradise, Natal Strelitzia, Wild Strelitzia, Strelitzia nicholai. The first plant I received had unfortunately been damaged. They also include a comprehensive plant care leaflet, I also like the fact that the plant has a warranty, which also probably means that if you are having some problems with the plant they will give advice on what to do to solve. £44.49. These are big plants well cared for, Kait D. (verified owner) – April 29, 2020, M Dian C. (verified owner) – June 16, 2020, Plants are beautiful just what I was looking for, Burns Forsythe (verified owner) – June 16, 2020. STRELITZIA … This is an all natural product containing no artificial fertilizers or chemicals. INDOOR Houseplants Accessories Unkillable Houseplants Office Plants Pet Friendly Plants Air Purifying Plants Hanging Plants Large & Tall Houseplants Cacti & Succulents GIFTS; POTS Under 12cm Pots 12 … 30 reviews for Strelitzia nicolai, White Bird of Paradise. The 'Nicolai' comes in a basket made of palm leaves. PRE-ORDER FOR MARCH Quick View. Product Range. Our plants are covered by our 30 day guarantee. Click and collect available on some orders, please ask! The all natural ingredients are specially blended to provide excellent long term drainage, high air porosity and good water holding capability. Essentials for every modern British garden, grasses and herbaceous provide a blend of fresh greenery throughout the year. This variety is Strelitzia Nicolai, the Giant Bird of Paradise. Strelitzia Nicolai is known as the Giant White Bird of Paradise or The Massive Show Off but we can’t blame her because she’s got plenty to show off about.. Always keep the soil moist, without letting the plant stand in water. Shade and moisture loving plants, that impress by their intricate frond design. , love the look and hopefully can maintain indoor well. £62.99 £ 62. With some house plants, you can feed them according to the label on the feed. White Birds do not grow as big, nor do they form a palm-like trunk. Natural probiotics, organics, and moisture control gel boost root growth. Buy large, top quality Strelitzia, Bird of Paradise plants from The Palm Tree Company. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for seeds strelitzia. Skip to content. They like a warm indoor position with bright indirect light (or a warm shady outdoor position). The large is about 36 inches including the pot. Each bag contains 128 oz of soil. Sylvia Saab (verified owner) – October 1, 2020, Anonymous (verified owner) – October 19, 2020. How often should I water my house plants? £2.90 delivery. You can do either. With items such as ferns, juvenile tree ferns and herbaceous plants it is difficult to give the exact size of each species when such a wide range of plants are grown so we specify standard pot sizes to give an indication of the size and/or age of the plant you are buying. It is native Natal Province, Mozambique and the name Nicolaii is for Tsar Nicolos I, the Emperor of Russia. Delana Wert (verified owner) – April 16, 2020, Talaat Aggour (verified owner) – April 22, 2020, Tammy Quinn (verified owner) – April 29, 2020, My plant arrived quickly and in excellent health. I love my first buy from you guys!! A wide range of trees and shrubs, perfect for your garden. Unlike other strelitzias, this strelitzia does not flower. Thank you!!! It's as simple as that. Hello! Strelitzia nicolai is a flowering plant indigenous to South Africa. Rated 5 out of 5. What is the growth area of the Strelitzia? More. Conditions differ throughout the year, all over the country and plants have different preferences. Types of Strelitzia. It was a great size and I’ve planted it this weekend. £12.95. Priscilla (verified owner) – July 9, 2020, Rose Fullmer (verified owner) – July 19, 2020, Franklin Parham (verified owner) – August 13, 2020, Anonymous (verified owner) – August 20, 2020, Vincent T. (verified owner) – August 27, 2020, Christian J. But holding up well. Our plants are shade grown so they either need bright indirect light indoors or complete shade outdoors. Some garden centres may stock Strelitzia from time to time, with the two most common species being S. reginae (blue & orange flowers with narrow leaves) and the S. nicolai (white with wider leaves). Danny Janowicz (verified owner) – March 20, 2020. Sometimes the plants might be photographed in decorative pots. The plant is a moderate grower, but can reach 20 feet high and 6 feet wide. Hi Margaryta! Water weekly; giving a bit more water in the summer than in the winter. Thanks!! Choose from stunning Japanese acers, olive trees and other tens of species of trees. The plants are the most full-of-life–beautiful plants and made it DAMAGE-FREE to NYC! We will notify you if that is the case via email. Strelitzia nicolai | Bird of Paradise XL incl. I have bought from the Palm Centre previously and been impressed with the quality,size and professional packaging of their plants. Plants are supplied in standard nursery pots. Please send an image of your bird of paradise to our customer service team at and we can see if it is something that we can easily recommend to help fix, if not we always suggest contacting the original place you purchased it from for advice. Reviews. £199.99. This all natural product will not burn roots. It may look like it's not enough and you could be tempted to add more than the recommended dose, but do remember that the correct dosages will prevent the roots from getting burned from too much concentration. Close menu. 3.7 out of 5 stars 48. Specializing in Top Quality Hardy Palm Trees . Rated 5 out of 5. 99. I contacted customer services and they very kindly and quickly replaced this plant. Home. It is big and beautiful! My only complaint is the plant was too big for the pot and the roots had come through the bottom so much the plastic pot had to be cut off to allow for repotting (hence 4 not 5 stars). PlantVine’s Organic Outdoor Potting Soil is time-tested and proven to help your outdoor potted plants thrive. They've sent me a pic of the plant I was going to get before I ordered and they managed to schedule a delivery for next day. All plants are measured and categorised when they are brought into our nursery, however, over time, the actual size might change due to growth, adjustment to the environment etc. Make sure you read the care instructions that come with the plant and adjust that according to your home. The White Bird is a clumping plant that grows multiple stems. Thank you. We ask that you please be patient with deliveries. Touch the size you're interested in to add it to cart. However, please bear in mind that our plants are kept in plastic nursery pots. Please make sure you leave delivery instructions, at checkout, in case you won't be at home when the courier delivers. It needs a large area to spread out and unfurl its glorious leaves. Thanks Desire’e. The strelitzia nicolai was no exception. The Palm Tree Company . Strelitzia. However, the sizes of the plants are similar in height and spread. Cover with a pain of glass. I would definitely by from them again. The Strelitzia 'Nicolai' brings us back to the jungle. Hoping she perks up in the next few weeks. The height is measured from the bottom of the pot to the highest leaf or branch of the plant. 1.85m / 185cm Strelitzia Reginae Indoor/Outdoor Plant - Bird of Paradise.READ . We even send you a picture of your plants before they ship. For the outdoor plants, that are meant to be planted in the ground, the height of the pot is excluded from the measurement. Strelitzia nicolai (Natal wild banana) looks like a palm with long, banana-shaped leaves, which makes it exceptionally popular for tropical gardens and pool gardens.It can reach 8 m in height and forms dense clumps up to 3 m wide. Free delivery on all orders over £60. Jacob (verified owner) – September 30, 2020. The Strelitzia Bird of Paradise flower, a beautiful tropical houseplant. Make sure you always make an informed purchasing decision. White Ceramic Pot Dida £4.95 £6.95. The perfect combination of quality ingredients provides the ideal amount of water retention, drainage and aeration for a wide variety of interior plants. A really nice example of the plant I brought. Very aesthetically pleasing in our mid-century modern apartment. Teeninga Palmen is a specialist in hardy Mediterranean plants and trees, and offers them for the lowest price and the highest quality, so the choice is easy! Anonymous (verified owner) – September 3, 2020, Tonilyn Leclerc (verified owner) – September 4, 2020, Chantal (verified owner) – September 11, 2020. Thanks! Strelitzia nicolai/Gigant Bird of Paradise - Subtropicals. The standard delivery location is the border of your property or the entrance of a communal space. Kept in adequate conditions (positioning and care), the plants are guaranteed for 3 months if they are planted in the ground or one year if they are kept in their original pots. When picking multiple plants for an order, we aim to pick matching plants. Anonymous (verified owner) – January 9, 2020. What is the size of the pot / average height for the Extra Large? Unlike other Strelitzias, this one does not flower. R. Contact us. Nicolai - Strelitzia Nicolai This plant is not palm it is commonly know as a Bird Of Paradise and comes from sub-tropical South Africa and is well suited to planting in a Balinese/Thai style or garden and it always compliments palms with its wide green leaves. Related to the bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia regina ), this close cousin is a much larger plant forming huge clumps of stems to 30 feet in comparison to S. regina's 3 to 4 feet height. It is the national flower of Madeira, Portugal since 2005. All plants are measured when brought to our nursery, however, due to natural factors, the actual size of the plant might change over time due to adjustments to the environment. I wanted a wide body plant that could add some nice vertical lines in my home, Because my favorite yoga pose is Bird of Paradise. For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice. Wonderfully exotic, the White Bird of Paradise is known for its flower that bears a close resemblance to a tropical bird. 8 reviews Click on the size you're interested to add it to cart. Strelitzia from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: . Due to natural growth, the size of the plants might vary slightly. S. reginae is very well known, and arguably the most common species (picture above). For all the indoor plants, the height of the pot is included in the listed height. Each bag contains 128 oz of soil. Rated 5 out of 5. Always keep the soil moist, without letting the plant stand in water. 6 x Small Bird of Paradise / Strelitzia Artificial Stems by Ola Flowers. Unlikely to flower indoors. Hi! Menu. Sowing: 10-25mm deep. Return policy applies only to plants that are in their original pots. Some love to have their soil moist at all times, others like to be on the drier side. Money Back Guarantee. Overall though an excellent seller that I would highly recommend. Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) A crown of banana-like leaves atop a palm tree trunk, combined with huge, uniquely beautiful flowers, is deserving of the name, "Bird of Paradise tree." When Transplanting: Apply between new soil and plant so stimulant touches root ball. My White bird of Paradise is absolutely beautiful about 6-7 foot tall but noticed on back of leaves I have whitish gray spots not really spots like small pieces of gray gravel .. what is it anyone know ? Basket | Height 100-120cm | Pot-Ø23cm. Strelitzia nicolai est un oiseau de paradis aux fleurs noires et blanchâtres de la famille des Strelitziaceae originaire d'Afrique du Sud. Ordered a strelitzia nicolai online. It will happily live, root bound, in the same pot for many years as long as it is given regular feeding and will tolerate the bright, dry conditions of a conservatory or greenhouse very well. Free postage. This is our best all-purpose mix, and a smart choice for a wide variety of outdoor plants, flowers and vegetables. Strelitzia reginae. Adding vertical element to the living room. Sometimes the pot size might vary slightly from the standard or we might listed as 2-3 litre pot, depending on the growers we purchased them from. One of the stalks died immediately , Rosalinde S. (verified owner) – September 27, 2020. Strelitzia nicolai Sku #7170 A stunning, highly prized tropical plant with bold clumps of lush, long stalks held in a fountain-like formation supporting huge, blue-green leaves. Many use it as an accent near a home’s entrance, but it’s also a striking addition in a container on a pool deck or patio. Due to the nature of the consignments, the courier's drivers are not insured to carry goods through your property. Great as a two-storey screening plant in suburban gardens. I would order from them again! My plant arrived well packaged and it wasn’t dried out or damaged. Strelitzia Nicolai: Strelitzia Nicolai, also known as Giant White Bird of Paradise, has plenty of amazing features that add a touch of elegance to your landscape. Strelitzia Nicolai 42cm pot size - $279.00 The Nicolai is the larger form of the common ‘Bird of Paradise’. You may unsubscribe at any moment. Also, every home is different and winters are not the same as summers. Natal Wild Banana, Giant Bird of Paradise. £23.20. They will not grow the flower for a few years though. Drain. There are five main species and varieties, although only Strelitzia Reginae and Strelitzia Nicolai are treated as houseplants. Put the Strelitzia by the window as it tolerates full sun very well! I love it ! However, the blooms are almost secondary to your landscaping. Touch the size you're interested in to add it to cart. As a fore … 0. Ce n’est pas pour rien que le Strelitzia est plus connu sous un nom évocateur des régions tropicales. 9cm tot 30cm 4,95 ... What's the best place to buy a Strelitzia? South Africa (79) International (2) Categories. The bird of paradise is a very hardy plant that will tolerate just about any condition inside and out. Vous le repèrerez sous l’appellation non moins impériale de Nicolaï chez Paris Pousse. For more greenery in your house! Strelitzia nicolai height x width 4m x 2m features This almost tree-size bird of paradise has striking greenish-blue and white flowers, and large spoon like leave up to 1.5m long conditions Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil 42cm pot size Heaps of Cheap Indoor/Veranda Plants!! 99 £13.09 £13.09. Rated 5 out of 5. For Existing Plants: Apply stimulant 2-3 inches below top of soil. Make sure to plant it in a space that will both accommodate its mature size, and protect its leaves from wind damage. The Strelizia Nicolai aka Bird of Paradise a large, indoor houseplant, available to buy online with nationwide delivery. Strelitzia nicolai (Giant White Bird of Paradise) - The Nicolai is the large form of the common 'Bird of Paradise'.  December 2020 - Covid-19 update: We remain open to public throughout the national lockdown. This bush grows the most amazing dark purple and white flower heads in Spring and Summer that are the same shape as her fiery smaller cousin Strelitzia reginae.Nicolai is perfect if you prefer more size and the muted colour palette. Our Extra Large is our 12-14″/7 gallon sized pot. star. I will definitely purchase from them again, Anonymous (verified owner) – April 14, 2020. Our Extra Large is approximately 4-4.5ft including the nursery pot in this height. The bird of paradise plant 'Nicolai' (Strelitzia) has large, glossy leaves. Covid-19. Our Extra large sizes are much more full compared to our Large size. Bring natural air filtration into your home and office. The plant is even better than anticipated. The Strelitzia nicolai - Bird of Paradise Flower. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Excellent plant. starting from £59.95. Nicolai wil grow to about 6m tall, and is very hardy and reasonably drought tolerant. Surprisingly, the bird of paradise is easier to grow than many tropical plants and makes for a vigorous, rapidly growing indoor plant. Remove any stringy orange tufts. As a rule of thumb, once a month, a mild solution of a balanced organic fertiliser is ideal to be applied in the growing season. Nicolai will grow to about 6m tall, and is very hardy and reasonably drought tolerant. Ships from and sold by We can guarantee that the plants leave our nursery disease free, but weather and local conditions might affect their survival. YouGarden Bird of Paradise Plant (Strelitzia reginae) 13cm pot 4.1 out of 5 stars 18. I have ordered from The Palm Centre before and always coveted the larger plants but not been able to afford them. Buy your Strelitzia Plant Bird of Paradise direct online from Garden Centre . ... Buy Now (74) Make an Offer (1) Classifieds (1) Item Location. Beautiful plants and great customer service. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Bird of paradise - The Strelitzia Reginae. The Giant Bird of Paradise is a tropical-looking plant from Southern Africa. We have a very simple answer to this question. I plan to keep these indoors in a pot. Collection in person . The plants that leave our nursery are in the best condition, free of disease. Watch your indoor plants flourish with PlantVine’s Organic Indoor Soil. Repotting: 6” pot into an 8-10” planter: About 1.5 bags 8-10” pot into a 12-14” planter: About 3 bags. star. the bird of paradise plant is first class height well in spread it was very well packed. Go to bidorbuy and discover online shopping at its best! 25-30cm+meer maten Topkwaliteit Supergoedkoop Snel Superservice (verified owner) – August 27, 2020, The bird is doing great, love watching how a new leaf comes to be, Emily W. (verified owner) – September 1, 2020. Sometimes, the plant is confused with a Traveler’s Palm, as they look similar when young. Justin Huang (verified owner) – September 29, 2020. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. If the pot is big enough It can grow to 2 m / 6.6 ft tall, with large, tough banana like leaves 25–70cm / 9.8–28in long. Also, same question for the extra large. These plants are notorious for the leaves splitting if you breathe on them too heavily, but due to expert packing it arrived with leaves in excellent condition. They will grow fast in ideal conditions with regular feeding. 4.3 out of 5 stars 14. They produce dark purple and white flowers in spring and summer as that of the size of Reginae. I’m interested in buying the large, and wanted to know how tall it will be when it arrives… and how tall I can expect it to grow? Only 10 left in stock. 0. Vouchers and small boxes can be posted through the letterbox, provided there is unrestricted access to it. Online Stores. Growth can be very quick with the leaves arching architecturally creating a fan. A wide selection of succulents, cacti, agave, and other arid plants perfectly suited for your garden. This Bird of Paradise is huge, even though it was the 'small' size (at £39.95) - although I had to wait nearly a month because of covid-19 delays, when I received this plant today I was really impressed - and it takes a lot to impress me! Invigorates existing plants, reduces transplant shock and accelerates establishment of new plants. Giant Bird of Paradise sums up this immense plant - huge grey-green paddle shaped leaves to 2m long are produced on a gradually extending ringed trunk. The Bird of Paradise plant is a true sun worshipper! Delivery and packaging second to none. Watering houseplants is always a tricky business. Gina S. (verified owner) – August 27, 2019. Packaging was great and the plant is very healthy condition. It arrived beautifully and in perfect condition!!! Gina S. (verified owner) – August 27, 2019, Anonymous (verified owner) – January 9, 2020, Phuong P. (verified owner) – February 21, 2020, Danny Janowicz (verified owner) – March 20, 2020, Ashley Cohen (verified owner) – April 5, 2020, I purchased my wishlist plant from plantvine and the shipping was quick and packaged with care. My Burncoose. Strelitzia reginae is also known as the bird of paradise (resembling the colours and shape of an exotic bird), the crane flower or the orange strelitzia. Thanks! What is the size of the pot for the large size? Darren Steverson (verified owner) – September 16, 2020, Kaitlin C. (verified owner) – September 27, 2020, Beautiful big plant! Only 2 left in stock. star. If other arrangements need to be made, please get in touch with us as soon as the order is placed. Free UK Delivery! If you are unhappy with the quality of the bulbs or plants at arrival or they fail to grow in their first growing season we will refund you or resend the products for free.
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